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I’m still alive…

But, I started a new blog a few months ago.  I had unwanted readers that I didn’t want to cater too anymore. So, I started a blog anonymously to ward off those readers. If you still check this to see if I update and you want to know what my new blog is… Jest let me know and I will give you the new web address.

I may just stop.

I’m tired of writing and choosing my words carefully. I’m tired of not being able to be myself on “MY” blog because I don’t want to offend anyone past or present or cause anyone to say, “Is she writing about me”?

I don’t want to be writing for anyone but myself. I know you may say, so write for yourself and who cares what anyone thinks. I care. Because I don’t want to intentionally be cruel to anyone or make them feel less than perfect. No matter how strong and confident someone seems on the outside we all have our insecurities. I have had a wonderful and rough year. I have written about things and alluded to things but every time I do I see some sort of rebuttal. I’m tired of it.

I wrote a blog yesterday just wanting opinions from others on the subject. But, only my friends read this and I wasn’t going to get the feed back I was interested in. So, I deleted it. I deleted it because it made people uncomfortable. That’s not why I am here. I don’t know why I am here. lol I should just keep a journal. Maybe that’s what I will do.

I’m ready for the new year. A new start and new traditions.



Dude, I love my husband!


I had the best weekend! I am full of Holiday cheer and optimistic ideas about how the Holiday’s will go. My optimism may be short-lived but for today, I am optimistic!

I had a girls night in Seattle Friday night. Staying in a fancy hotel with two of your best friends and shopping till you can’t walk another block is definitely my idea of fun! We had coffee with peppermint schnaps and walked the beautiful streets of Seattle decked out in Christmas lights. Westlake Center had a caroling competition going on Friday night so we got to be a part of that frenzy. Before we knew it we had missed the window for dinner and ended up having a very late Cheesecake Factory dinner (yum!) then walked back to the hotel for some rest. We woke up early Saturday morning and did a shopping marathon anyone would be proud of. I bought most of my hubby’s stocking stuffers and a few other gifts. We had a late lunch at the Pike Place Brewery and walked Pike Place. I love Seattle! Add in two of the most generous, uniquely different, kind, fabulous women I know and it made for the perfect weekend!

Sunday I put up our Christmas tree and got it all decorated. Decked the whole house out in Holiday wonderfulness and then finally rested.

Plus, on top of all of that I got to see my niece both Saturday and Sunday! I wonder if they will get tired of me coming over? lol I love that little baby girl!

Such a fantastic weekend. I’m making my own Christmas traditions. This was the first of our annual girls weekend in Seattle. I already can’t wait for next year!

I love Karma!

Karma, I love you! It’s like we are on the same page.



I am stronger than you. I am stronger than most. I always have been. Perhaps that is my downfall. Maybe that’s why it seems like I don’t need support. Maybe that is why I deal with my problems on my own and find solutions without much difficulty. Maybe being strong gives the message that I don’t need you. This is not true. Just because I am strong and don’t cry out for help does not mean I don’t need the reassurance that you are there if I should need you.

In many instances I have found that the weak are coddled and enabled to continue being weak. They are treated like children and constantly reassured that they are great. You are not great. You are weak. I have seen this in the professional environment as well as on a personal level. The person who can’t function without the help of drugs, therapy and a huge support system is given many opportunities when the strong person who functions fine every day by themselves is seen as dispensable because they will land on their feet. This is so backwards to me. The strong person should be rewarded for being so.

I will always be stronger than you. That is who I am. I don’t need a daily phone call from an encouraging friend to keep me going every day. I love life enough to keep going on my own. I will never understand the weak and the afraid. You make your own destiny and I am creating a wonderful destiny.


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