I am stronger than you. I am stronger than most. I always have been. Perhaps that is my downfall. Maybe that’s why it seems like I don’t need support. Maybe that is why I deal with my problems on my own and find solutions without much difficulty. Maybe being strong gives the message that I don’t need you. This is not true. Just because I am strong and don’t cry out for help does not mean I don’t need the reassurance that you are there if I should need you.

In many instances I have found that the weak are coddled and enabled to continue being weak. They are treated like children and constantly reassured that they are great. You are not great. You are weak. I have seen this in the professional environment as well as on a personal level. The person who can’t function without the help of drugs, therapy and a huge support system is given many opportunities when the strong person who functions fine every day by themselves is seen as dispensable because they will land on their feet. This is so backwards to me. The strong person should be rewarded for being so.

I will always be stronger than you. That is who I am. I don’t need a daily phone call from an encouraging friend to keep me going every day. I love life enough to keep going on my own. I will never understand the weak and the afraid. You make your own destiny and I am creating a wonderful destiny.



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  1. rachelbuchner
    Dec 01, 2011 @ 16:26:39

    I like this and I completely agree. I believe you and I are similar in this manner. While we don’t push ourselves on people we sometimes feel like we are uncared for when we go through a rough time. I also, can not stand those persons that are so insecure and weak that others constantly and willingly reassure them of their value.


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