The Holidays…

These are supposed to be happy times, right? Yeah, I think they are. The months of November and December are never overwhelmingly great in my household. It is so hard to share the Holidays with two very different families. I remember growing up and always being with my mom and dad and brother for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We never lived in the same state as either sets of my grandparents so there was no splitting up the day.

I still am not great at cooking and the thought of putting on a Thanksgiving spread for both sides of the family is a gloomy thought. I won’t do it. Not until I have a MUCH bigger house where I can easily escape if I need to get away from the in-laws. It’s a fact that I am not close to them. All the weight jokes while I was pregnant with their one and only grand child was enough to push me away for good. Who does that, really?! I was pregnant! Anyway… Water under the bridge… Or, not exactly. lol

My husband and I fight this time of year every year because I never want to spend my Holidays with his family and it’s not fair if we don’t split it. I know that but I still don’t want to. We fight because the winter is a very slow season for him and he won’t go get a minimum wage job in the mean time because he says that’s not good enough for him when he can easily go get a bartending job. Well, getting a bartending job leads to more fights and many nights where I am a single mom and resenting him for not have a career where we don’t have to worry about things like this. At least he has a job though. That’s what I have to keep reminding myself. At least my husband has a career (even if it isn’t my first choice career) he isn’t sitting at home doing nothing. However, he says he would rather sit at home watching Peyton then go dig a trench for labor ready. I say go support your family in the way that best suits our situation. So… As you can see… We fight a lot this time of year…

I think we should just move away. That would solve my problems of split Holidays. Which I hate! That would solve the career problem. He would have to get a job (not working for his dad) and make his own path. We could afford a much bigger home somewhere far away in the country where I could grow our own veggies and tend to the farm (yeah right!) lol Ahh… just dreaming over here.

I hate the stress of the Holidays. I hate sharing my Holidays with people who I don’t like. I hate the snow on the ground that makes getting to and from work a serious challenge. I hate feeling obligated to buy gifts people will just return or give away. You know who I like buying gifts for? My friends. It’s easy to please someone who doesn’t expect a gift. It’s easy to buy for people who I genuinely love and know lots about so I know how to buy the perfect gift.

I do love the hats, and scarves, and gloves and boots that come along with this season but that’s about it. Oh, and hot chocolate and apple cider. I also love the annual Christmas party I have with my friends. Always themed and always pure entertainment. I will concentrate on that and look forward to my weekend trip with Katie to the city for a girls weekend in some fancy hotel and window shopping on the beautiful Christmas streets of Seattle. Yes, that will be the highlight of this season.


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  1. katiebuss
    Nov 17, 2011 @ 15:04:18

    I totally agree.. I just don’t have to deal so much w/ the family drama, luckily I can still spend the entire season with my family and not worry about pleasing or displeasing anyone else. I can do that before Lee’s family doesn’t want to be a part of our lives.. but it’s definitely one of those situations where I look at the upside. And since we are no longer involved in the family drama here, I won’t see that family either but it won’t be a fight or conflict this year, which is a relief. And I am so looking forward to seeing everything downtown. It will be such a well deserved treat for us!!


  2. rachelbuchner
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 13:31:48

    I totally understand how you feel! We have to jump through hoops to see my parents AND grandparents who have all been remarried. We also have to make time for his family which is a complete joke considering him and his brother won’t speak to each other and therefore I may not even get to see my nieces and nephews open their gifts from us! Try to be happy that you only have two sets of parents to see and that you can all play nice at least. I hope you and Katie have a ton of fun in Seattle- that sounds like such a blast!!


  3. Kristen
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 13:38:14

    It’s crazy isn’t it? This is supposed to be such a happy time for everyone and families just get in the way of the happiness. I have seriously considered just not going. Doing my own thing. I want to put my happiness first. But, what makes me happy doesn’t make my hubby happy and his happiness means to much to me not to consider.


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