The Power Behind Words

In this world we live in it is easy to hide behind a computer screen and say things you would never say in person. It is easy to throw stones at people and never worry about the consequences. I recently read something and I wrote the quote down… “You can’t unsay what I heard.” I don’t remember where I saw it but today I read a blog from a very talented writer and loved the message behind the words. It ties right in with that quote. I know I have written things that have been hurtful to others and healing to me. But, I can’t un-write them. They will always be there, for anyone to read. The same goes for you. Here is a small passage from the blog I read today…

I hope that every time we speak, write a letter, send a text or send an email through cyberspace, we take the time to stop and think….think about how you might feel if you were the recipient of those words. You can’t take them back once they are said….you can apologize, but they are already out there. Read them again, think about the person getting them. Will you feel that way forever, maybe not but those words will be in that persons memory bank and heart forever… it worth it. If they are words of kindness and compassion, you and the recipient feel great. If they aren’t happy words, well we know you might feel powerful but the recipient feels less than happy.  To quote my Mother “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. We all want the words given to us to be ones of love, compassion, tolerance, understanding and forgiveness. Those are the words that help us, encourage us or just make us smile.

What a strong message that is. Think about how you would feel if the words you are writing were about you. How would you feel if someone else was writing the things you were? I know what it feels like to have horrible things written about you. I know the impression and scars it leaves. I will never forget and likely never forgive the people who wrote terrible things about me for the world to see, for ruining a friendship, and for taking away a huge piece of my happiness. Those words WILL be in my memory bank and heart forever and no matter what happens I won’t forget them. Was it worth it?

I will learn from this smart lady and remember when I feel hatred creeping into my mind and hurt taking over my words to keep them to myself. I hope you will learn the same.


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  1. mrsbuchner
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 22:01:46

    I love the message here but I don’t think you should ever keep your hurt to yourself. It IS a terrible idea to write them in blogs, facebooks and other such medias that allow others to read them. However, it is always a good idea to let the person who hurt you to know what they have done (in a respectful manner). If you don’t they will simply do it again because you did not say anything the first time. If you can not talk to the person who caused the harm I suppose your best outlet is to speak in confidentiality to someone close to you like a friend you know you can trust or a boyfriend/husband… someone you know will simply listen and allow you to vent. Although it sucks to publicly hurt someone else it also sucks to hold in anger and hurt and allow it to continually thrive within yourself. It takes careful consideration but there is always a way to say “You hurt me and I’m angry” without being hurtful back to that person.


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