YoU aRe LoVeD

I follow Gala Darling’s blog daily and she always has really great insight. I enjoy her photos and the perspective she writes from. Today she posted about “good people” which reminded me of my own feelings sometimes. As much as I try to be a part of a “group of girls” we are all very different and I do better one on one with my friends too.

I love this:

“Ultimately, you never really know who’s going to stick around, & who’s going to slink out of your life. All you can do is show your appreciation for the ones who are in your orbit, & send out your love to the people who aren’t with you any longer. As much as it hurts, sometimes friendships don’t last forever… But do they all need to? You can learn just as much from someone you’ve known a month as someone you’ve known for over a decade.”

And I really love this:

“My point is this: if you’re feeling unloved, you are so much more adored than you know. You’re adored by people from your past, people in your present, & people you have yet to meet. You are loved. I promise.”


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