Weekend recap!

We had a great weekend! Friday night my husband and I just hung out at home. The thought crossed my mind to go out dancing since their was a country band playing just down the street but I was so tired. Our friend Brian came over and watched a movie with us and I went to bed before it was over. So tired! lol

I love her!

Saturday was a very busy, eventful day. Peyton and I went with our friends to the pumpkin patch. Origianlly we were supposed to go to one in Issaquah but it closed at 1:00 and we had no idea. Since we were already way out there we found one in Fall City. Such luck because the one we eneded up going to was great! It had tractor rides and a hay maze, pony rides and a market. We had so much fun! Peyton rode a pony and she loved it. My girlfriend took pictures and I don’t have them yet but when I do I will add them. I had to walk the pony with Peyton so I couldn’t snap any shots but here are a few we did get.

Giving me a piece of her mind!

After our long day of adventures we went back to Aja’s house and made dinner for everyone. (Well, Aja made dinner) Which was delicious as always! That woman can cook!!! Oh, plus Aja took me to Whole Foods Market… I am in love and hooked! Oh my gosh. I can’t wait for the one in Lynnwood to hurry up and be finished.


Sunday, we stayed home for the most part and cleaned, did laundry, got ready for the week. You know… The same stuff I do every Sunday. That is my catch up day.


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