I’m hurting for you

I wish this wasn’t happening. I wish life was easier. I wish life was the way it seemed. I wish you could have everything you ever dreamed of… You deserve it. I wish you could talk to him. I wish you knew how wonderful you are. I wish you were not hurting and I wish more than anything that I could take away your pain. I love you.


YoU aRe LoVeD

I follow Gala Darling’s blog daily and she always has really great insight. I enjoy her photos and the perspective she writes from. Today she posted about “good people” which reminded me of my own feelings sometimes. As much as I try to be a part of a “group of girls” we are all very different and I do better one on one with my friends too.

I love this:

“Ultimately, you never really know who’s going to stick around, & who’s going to slink out of your life. All you can do is show your appreciation for the ones who are in your orbit, & send out your love to the people who aren’t with you any longer. As much as it hurts, sometimes friendships don’t last forever… But do they all need to? You can learn just as much from someone you’ve known a month as someone you’ve known for over a decade.”

And I really love this:

“My point is this: if you’re feeling unloved, you are so much more adored than you know. You’re adored by people from your past, people in your present, & people you have yet to meet. You are loved. I promise.”

Say Hello to My Favorite Person…

Well, except my husband and my daughter but you know that goes without saying!

Things I Love about Katie…

I love this picture of her!

I love the dorky Katie that never comes out in public but you can read it in her blogs and see it in her self portraits.

I love the girl that emails me every day and always makes me feel loved.

I love that she doesn’t sugar coat anything and tells me how it is.

I love her baking. Seriously all of it.

I love that she is genuine. 100% real! I heart her.

I love that she has a blog I can follow and learn more about her every day.

I love that she loves me… Finally. It took a lot of work people!

I love that she is my best friend.

I love that we have so much in common. Aside from our taste in movies I can’t think of anything we don’t have in common.

I love her big huge heart that she wears on her sleeve.

I love who she is and who she wants to be.

I love that she moved so close to me. I can stop by whenever I feel like it!

I love her loyalty.

I love her! Everything about her. I could go on and on. But, let me assure you if you don’t know her you are seriously missing out on a gem!

Old Friends

Recently I was asked point-blank if I would be someones friend again. That surprisingly was not an easy question. It was awkward and confusing. After everything we had been through together. All the hurt and anger that had passed between us. The horrible lies and rumors and heartbreak that we shared. All of that was over shadowed by the simple fact that this person wanted me in their life again. How is it that the people you love the most in life are always the ones to cut the deepest?

I am struggling with my heart and my head. I know on the surface it seems ridiculous to invite someone back into your life who has done more damage than good. But the good was SO good. The bad was also so bad though. We have grown up and changed and hopefully for the better. But, I can’t handle another crazy person in my life. I have had too many crazy friends who require too much effort to handle on a daily basis. I just want a normal best friend. Someone who loves me for me and doesn’t require me to “support” them in the way they feel necessary. i.e. lie to them about their general character. I am taking a leap of faith here and giving an old friend another chance. Someone I once loved very dearly. Wish my luck. I’ll take it slow, you can be sure of that.

Isn’t it funny when shit goes down you swear you will never be friends with that person again? Now here we are… I wonder what the future will hold.

Depression or shitty company? lol

Weekend recap!

We had a great weekend! Friday night my husband and I just hung out at home. The thought crossed my mind to go out dancing since their was a country band playing just down the street but I was so tired. Our friend Brian came over and watched a movie with us and I went to bed before it was over. So tired! lol

I love her!

Saturday was a very busy, eventful day. Peyton and I went with our friends to the pumpkin patch. Origianlly we were supposed to go to one in Issaquah but it closed at 1:00 and we had no idea. Since we were already way out there we found one in Fall City. Such luck because the one we eneded up going to was great! It had tractor rides and a hay maze, pony rides and a market. We had so much fun! Peyton rode a pony and she loved it. My girlfriend took pictures and I don’t have them yet but when I do I will add them. I had to walk the pony with Peyton so I couldn’t snap any shots but here are a few we did get.

Giving me a piece of her mind!

After our long day of adventures we went back to Aja’s house and made dinner for everyone. (Well, Aja made dinner) Which was delicious as always! That woman can cook!!! Oh, plus Aja took me to Whole Foods Market… I am in love and hooked! Oh my gosh. I can’t wait for the one in Lynnwood to hurry up and be finished.


Sunday, we stayed home for the most part and cleaned, did laundry, got ready for the week. You know… The same stuff I do every Sunday. That is my catch up day.

Pet Names?

Why do people have pet names for their friends? It’s weird. Seriously. Save the mushy, silly, inside joke pet names for your spouse or significant other. I have been guilty of this before. I try not too because *I* do think it is weird. I’m guilty of using love or honey for friends. Just writing it makes me feel stupid. lol Please don’t call me doll, love, baby, babe, honey, or any other inside joke pet name. I have no idea why this bothers me. I feel like it’s an insecure ploy to make the other person think you find them extra special. Blech!

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