The Help

I am going to do my best to write an intelligent post here but my thoughts are so scrambled regarding this book/movie.

I first read the book The Help a couple of weeks ago. It was so good. Very well written and grabbed my intention immediately. It also made me feel incredibly disappointed in the white race. It was one of those books that with each scenario depicted you could actually visualize the scene in your head. At times it was difficult to read and made me cry. It was very detailed and very good. When I finished reading the book I just sat there thinking I am so glad I was not alive during that time. I hate racism that is present in our culture today. I cannot imagine living in those times and having the same view I have today. I would have been killed. I am so proud of “skeeter” for having the courage to try to make a difference.

Last night I went and saw the movie. It was also very good but there were some glaring differences. Some that didn’t change the outcome too much and others that really make you think, was that omitted for some political reason? Did they think it would be too much for the American public to see? I cried at the end of the movie just like I cried when reading the book. It makes me sad to think humans of any race ever treated each other that way. Worse is that it still happens today. Only we gear our hatred at Gays or Mexicans. They are the ones that get the brunt of racism/discrimination. 

I’m not really getting my point across here. I wish I had to words and the platform to make a difference in this world. I hate to think that my children will grow up in this world of hate that still exists. I will do my best to treat everyone equally. I will remember that each person is an individual and not the stereo type we have created for them. I wish that none of this ever happened. Of course if you read our history books it didn’t happen, right? I wish I had learned about all of this when I was in school. It’s funny how they only teach you what they want you to know. Our history is ugly. Heaven forbid “they” show that side. But, that is a whole other post.


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