Great Weekend!

I had a wonderful yet busy weekend again!

Friday I had a friends birthday party. We couldn’t stay long because Peyton was at her Nana and Papa’s house and we had to go back and get her. That night was rough. Since she had been sleeping for 3 hours when we picked her up she did NOT want to go back to bed when we made it home.

Saturday I had a wedding to attend that was across the water. Did you know the ferry costs $15.20 for just one person each way?! That is ridiculous!! Robert decided to stay home and set up a security system on our house with 4 cameras since we are going on vacation and we have sketchy neighbors. I came home and he showed me all the different angles. Pretty cool actually! the wedding was beautiful! When you think country chic’ that is exactly what this wedding was. The best DIY wedding I have ever been too. So beautiful. I wish I had more pictures. I do have a few and I’ll see about getting those posted later today.

Sunday we went to a friends house for football, food and kiddy pool playtime. It was wonderful. Just like last weekend. We have so much fun with these people. Good people with children who understand when you have a cranky baby and there isn’t much you can do about it. It’s hard having Peyton around all my friends who don’t yet have children because they don’t have the patience or understand the mood swings of a one year old. That doesn’t make me love them any less I just can’t wait for all of my friends to have babies so they can finally see what it is like. lol

Now… I have a sick baby. Poor girl has a runny noise that wont quit! We have to get on a plane tomorrow and I sure hope she feels better!

Also, it has been about two weeks since I lost my best friend. The anger has just about worn off and regardless of the fact that for now this seems to be working better I miss her.



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  1. mommavalm
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 14:38:18

    It is nice to just be accepted for who you are as a wife, mother, woman and friend! This is hard to do, not impossible, but challenging if you’ve not experienced them yourself 🙂

    I hope Payton feels better and you have an amazing trip! I might see you tonight, I will text you and let you know.


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