Things that make me happy today!

– My white chocolate mocha… Yum! Only in Washington can we order a 24 oz, sugar free, fat free, white chocolate mocha, quad shot and not sound like a snob. lol

– I made a quarter off the tampon machine this morning! Yes! Not only did it give me mine back but it shot out an extra one at me. Thank you malfunctioning machine!

– Meiko! I ❤ her! “Boys with Girlfriends” Love this song! Go check it out. She was the opening act for the concert I went to last Sunday and I bought both CD’s she was offering at that show. I subscribe to her blog now and I listened to her music on the way into work. She is great!

– Sunshine! Woo hoo! Although I’m allergic I still feel better looking outside and seeing rays of sunshine!

– My baby. She always makes me happy but today especially since I had to sit up with her cuddling last night to get her to fall back asleep. I love cuddling with her.

– Birthday parties! I have Angela’s birthday to go to tonight. Let the celebration begin!

– Weddings! A long time friend is getting married tomorrow on the peninsula outside in the sunshine. What more could I ask for?!

– Vacation! In 4 days I fly off to paradise to visit family, take a girls trip and spend some much needed relaxing time with my amazing hubby!

Life is grand. So much to be happy about.


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