It’s been a while…

But I put my pen to the paper again this morning and wrote a little poem. I call it Healing

You broke my heart

But I’m not surprised.

You play the poor me roll

And spread your vicious lies.

You said you would always be there

Told me to call no matter what.

Now you say I was never a good friend

Feels like you kicked me in the gut.

You play the victim so well

It’s like you’ve practiced your whole life.

Your friends don’t even know you

You’ve got them all convinced you’re the perfect wife.

How can you look in the mirror

And actually like what you see?

I wish I could let it all go

I wish I could just let it be.

I don’t understand the hatred

Where did it all come from?

You say you’re a woman of God

The things I could say about this one… Don’t worry I’ll keep mum.

I’ve known for quite some time now

The crazy lady that you are

I’ve stayed for that very reason

I knew when it came to this, you would go to far.

Some day I hope you can see

It’s not always the other person.

I wish I could make you listen

But I’ve tried and you only worsen.

I’m tired of feeling shitty

Your hold on me is gone.

I was under your thumb so long

My own personality withdrawn.

Now I’m back

And better than ever.

My life is back in order

For that I will thank you never.

… Now wasn’t that clever?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. rachelbuchner
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 11:26:48

    I like this 🙂


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