Disclaimer: I just found this post on my dashboard as a draft I originally wrote February 21, 2011. I remember feeling this way and I suddenly feel these same emotions. Just because I have not tried every drug, or had a million sex partners, or I don’t fight with depression and anxiety, or I don’t have terrible memories of my childhood or I don’t choose to make friends with people who have very different morals or beliefs than me does not make me close minded and not being comfortable talking about explicit sex details with friends does not make me a prude. It may mean I have less life experience but at least the experience I do have isn’t negative. Again… I wrote the following months ago. I think it’s funny that I can remember exactly what happened to make me feel this way.


When did being innocent become a bad thing? You could call it naive and slightly innocent. Call it what you want. But, if I were your daughter I bet being innocent is one adjective you would like to use while describing me. Over the past year I have realized just how screwed up and warped most people are. They look at me like I’m crazy because I haven’t done or seen the things they have or I don’t have a twisted mind like them. It’s amazing really to be made fun of or judged for your lack of *screwed-up-ness*…


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  1. meetmrsbuchner
    Sep 07, 2011 @ 12:54:36

    You are loved by way too many people to let just one person bring you down. Best thing you can do is see the problem, laugh it off, and move on to the next. It’s not worth your time to attempt to defend yourself to someone who just won’t listen.


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