What Could be Better than A Dinner Party?

A Mexican Fiesta dinner party with all your closest friends! Oh yes, we’re doing this! Let the first of the dinner parties begin.

I am so excited to have our first of many dinner parties! We will be doing these as often as we decide I guess. Monthly? Bi-Monthy? Who knows. I guess it will depend on everyone’s schedule. Our core group of friends has grown a bit in the past year so there are 12 of us now (I think) as far as couples go. A few single people are still left… Maybe just one. lol

Anyway, we have decided to have these dinner parties. Each couple will host one with the theme of their choice. Well, maybe not every couple. Hosting dinner parties might not be everyone’s thing but eating dinner certainly is! First up a Mexican Fiesta theme. Boo Ya! This will be fun! On top of eating great food (which is enough reason to go) I will get to see ALL of my favorite people in one place. Who could ask for more?! Then next weekend I get to see (almost) everyone again for pumpkin carving, corn maze and dinner! Yes. Life is good. I love you October!

 More October goodness… I’m the maid-of-honor in a wedding. My brother and sister-in-law are having their baby shower. Jewelry parties. Pumpkin patches. Ahh… I seriously do love this time of year! The weather is so beautiful today. Sunny and bright with a little chill. It smells so good outside!


The Help

I am going to do my best to write an intelligent post here but my thoughts are so scrambled regarding this book/movie.

I first read the book The Help a couple of weeks ago. It was so good. Very well written and grabbed my intention immediately. It also made me feel incredibly disappointed in the white race. It was one of those books that with each scenario depicted you could actually visualize the scene in your head. At times it was difficult to read and made me cry. It was very detailed and very good. When I finished reading the book I just sat there thinking I am so glad I was not alive during that time. I hate racism that is present in our culture today. I cannot imagine living in those times and having the same view I have today. I would have been killed. I am so proud of “skeeter” for having the courage to try to make a difference.

Last night I went and saw the movie. It was also very good but there were some glaring differences. Some that didn’t change the outcome too much and others that really make you think, was that omitted for some political reason? Did they think it would be too much for the American public to see? I cried at the end of the movie just like I cried when reading the book. It makes me sad to think humans of any race ever treated each other that way. Worse is that it still happens today. Only we gear our hatred at Gays or Mexicans. They are the ones that get the brunt of racism/discrimination. 

I’m not really getting my point across here. I wish I had to words and the platform to make a difference in this world. I hate to think that my children will grow up in this world of hate that still exists. I will do my best to treat everyone equally. I will remember that each person is an individual and not the stereo type we have created for them. I wish that none of this ever happened. Of course if you read our history books it didn’t happen, right? I wish I had learned about all of this when I was in school. It’s funny how they only teach you what they want you to know. Our history is ugly. Heaven forbid “they” show that side. But, that is a whole other post.


Awesome photos! I love animal photos. These were found here.


Damn you for screwing with me again!!! It won’t upload all of my insiprational pics. Psh… Whatever!

Inspiration for the day!

I love pictures and I love this website! Weheartit.com

I love shoes!

I love glitter!!!




Hehe.. Don't fuck with me!


It's true.

Are these sexy?

Or am I slacking and not even aware of it? I wear this style of panties every single day. Are they considered sexy? VS calls them cotton boy shorts lingerie… So are they still considered sexy lingerie? Shit… Suddenly I think I missed the memo of what sexy underwear are? Do I still have to walk around in a wedgie creating thong every day? Please tell me no. I have a HUGE issue with panty lines. Don’t get me wrong. A panty line ruins a great ass but if I’m not wearing something that shows a panty line can’t I get away with my VS cotton boy shorts? I hope the answer is yes. Please weigh in!

P.S. I have that sweatshirt too. God, I love Victoria Secret!

Welcome Fall!

It is drizzling outside. A tad bit chilly and cloudy… And I love it! Oh how I love you fall! Rotating the closet for the fall season. Hello hats, scarves and sweaters! I love a good scarf! Oh shoot… I love a good hat too. Sweaters and leggings. Oh yes, I love this season!

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