Where did all the normal people go?

I miss the days where people weren’t known by their disorders, issues, or handicaps. Where did all the normal people go who aren’t riddled with different medications? When did having anxiety turn in to this horrific disorder that gives you the right to act in ridiculous ways and have an excuse for it? What’s happening to all the children who are being diagnosed with ADHD and ADD and being labeled for it? Poor kids. They’ll never lead a “normal” life because they will always have a stereotype to fight against.

I have anxiety almost every day. But, I breathe through it and move on. Sometimes it’s overwhelming but you just deal with it. I guess it’s called a coping mechanism and some people just don’t have it. I miss the days where the world was more carefree and it was ok to let your kids play outside till it was dark because back then people with “issues” were few and far between compared to today when every other person is a threat to you and your children in some way. Of course that is a slight exaggeration but geez… I really do miss the simpler years of my life.

I am seriously cranky this morning. Waking up to a rude comment on your facebook page is not a good way to start your day. So, please forgive my sourness!


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  1. Kristen
    Aug 30, 2011 @ 10:34:49

    I feel like I could use some medication right now! Feels like my chest is going to expload with anxiety! Ugh… Anyone have a zanax? lol Kidding…


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