I’m supposed to be excited for my Birth Day…

Tomorrow is my birthday and I think I should be excited about it. But, I’m not. I’m not one of those people who dreads getting older or anything. I embrace life’s journey and I’m excited to be another year wiser. But, I’m left feeling like I have had the wind knocked out of my sails. I just feel beaten up and stressed out. It’s not a fun emotion to have the week of your birthday when everyone wants to celebrate you and that is the last thing you feel like doing. My wonderful husband is throwing me a birthday party this weekend. Which is really sweet of him. But, I don’t feel very excited for it either. I have friends from all different “groups” going because I have friends from different walks of  life who are nice enough to all come around when it is time to celebrate my Birth Day. But, it leaves me feeling anxious about entertaining everyone at the same time, making sure everyone gets what they consider to be enough time with me and my undivided attention. Then I have friends who are going who aren’t friends with each other anymore and that leaves me feeling stressed out about everyone elses feelings. I appreciate that my friends want to celebrate with me and I will be grateful to everyone who comes. It just leaves me feeling nervous before it actually happens. I’m glad he told me about it though because he was trying to make it a surprise and I really hate surprises. I wish I didn’t feel so bummed out right now. But, I do.

On a good note… Robert bought us Blake Shelton tickets for our anniversary and that concert is this Thursday. That will be fun!


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