Arrogent, Ignorent people…

Really bother me! You all know what I’m talking about. We all know someone who we think is so full of themselves it’s sickening. I can’t stand it. When I read what some people write about themselves and others I think to myself, “Why do they have such a high opinion of themselves?” I mean, I think it is healthy to have a good appreciation of yourself and all but when you actually believe you are better than all those around you I consider you a narcissist.

For instance a man who thinks he is so much better than every woman he dates is arrogant and self involved. If you think a woman should have to wear fancy underwear and always have on high heals in order to be “your woman” than you are pathetic. Consider this… If a woman was into you and thought you were so great she would WANT to wear cute underwear and sexy heals in order to look attractive to you. If you believe that you are never the problem in the relationship and you are always the one to end it you are now ignorant on top of being arrogant. I just wonder what makes these people think they are such a gift? Is it their winning personalities (clearly that is not it) or do they really think they are supremely attractive?

Here is another example: How about people who give the most backhanded, condescending compliments that they are actually insults? Does it make you feel better to put other people down? Do you even realize you’re doing it? If you can’t think of a genuine thing to say, you should keep your ridiculous (not at all) compliments to yourself. Do you really think people can’t see thru you? Keep in mind every time you hear someone say “I was joking” they are not fully joking. There is always some truth behind a joke. So, don’t be such a bully… Jerks!

Geez… I didn’t realize I had so much pent-up aggression. But, seriously… You people are incredible. I don’t mean that as a condescending (not at all) compliment. I mean that in the rudest way possible. See, now that is me being a bully.



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  1. katiebuss
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 16:08:13

    You are the furthest away from being a bully, but I love this post.


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