My Baby Turns One!

Peyton turned one on July 8th and we had a birthday party for her the next day. It was so much fun and I wanted to share pics.

The theme was Minnie Mouse and I made a birthday banner for her that I saw on another blog with lot’s of great birthday ideas.

We had a few kids there and lot’s of friends and family that made it. Robert made Peyton a sand box that she and the other kids played in. It was a big hit. (Don’t have photo at work to upload, sorry)

My friend Katie made the most amazing cake. It was so much more than I ever expected. Little does she know, now she is on the hook to make every cake I ever need ūüôā

Peyton has never had sugar before¬†so she wasn’t too interested in the cake. Plus, she was so tired! I think it was a combination of both that made her uninterested. We went to another birthday party the next day for a little boy turning one and he loved his cake! He devoured it. But, he gets chips and cookies all the time so he is used to that stuff. My sister-in-law infuriated me through the cake eating process by saying over and over again things like, “Mommy this cake is horrible, Mommy I don’t like it, Mommy it tastes like poo” Umm… Hello, rude. Regardless of the fact that she was trying to be funny and make comments about why Peyton wasn’t eating¬†her cake… That cake was made with love and a lot of hard work and it WAS delicious! So, I was a little pissed off at all those negative comments. But, she still looks cute in her pictures.

She played in the little kiddy pool, walked around with the help of many people, sat on her nanna’s lap wearing her¬†birthday¬†hat¬†(which I was amazed she kept on) and even wore a birthday crown later. She hates wearing things on her head but did so well!









I had water bottle¬†labels printed with Happy 1st Birthday Peyton in a Disney font. I know it’s a bit overboard for a first birthday but I had so much fun planning it. I also made little candy jars out of baby food jars. I glued ribbon around them and filled them with yummy candy… Which no one ate!! So, I have to bring it all to work and fill a candy jar for the ladies at work.

Now my baby is officially a year old and I’m ready for another one. lol I know¬†having 2 will be way more difficult than¬†just the one but I already miss the snuggles. Peyton has developed an attitude already. And, honestly I was really surprised it happened so soon. I had no idea a one year old would be throwing temper tantrums. Guess, it’s my training for the terrible two’s… And the rest of her life too. lol


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. wifemomfriendme
    Jul 14, 2011 @ 21:26:08

    Once Savannah was three I wondered what all the hype was about “terrible 2’s”. They are nothing in comparison to the three’s. The 2’s you are shocked your child has so many tantrum’s. At three they know more words and have become increasingly louder and stronger. Can’t wait for you to experience it all hahaha!!!


  2. Kristen
    Jul 15, 2011 @ 07:54:10

    How nice of you to wish that upon me. What a loving friend.


  3. wifemomfriendme
    Jul 18, 2011 @ 09:40:42

    Aren’t I though?! At least you’ll know I remember the awful time and can bring you wine. I cried a lot randomly, so if you do that too, it’s normal lol.


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