We all poop…

But, why must we share a bathroom to do it? I hate community bathrooms. I have been cursed with a very small blatter. Therefor I go to the bathroom often. I don’t know what is worse… Hearing other people poop or smelling their poop. They are probably equally disgusting. I hate the sound of another woman pushing out poo with all those nasty poop sounds that go along with it. Ugh, so gross! I wish we could all have our individual bathrooms so I would not have to listen to icky poo sounds every time I had to pee. Not to mention smell it… I’m so grossed out.

Now you are too! 🙂


Love this…

Found this article on the front page. Made me laugh out loud. That of course is because I can see my future in it…


Goin’ Camping!

I’m so excited to go camping with most of my best friends! It will be a Memorial day to remember! Robert and I never go camping… Ever… Robert’s idea of camping before me was beer camp where you got as drunk as possible and made a fool out of yourself. That along with very attractive girls in little clothing. That my friends is not my idea of fun. But, going camping with all my friends with no kids and a weekend of relaxation as the main priority is certainly my idea of fun!

So… Thanks to Katie I made a list of what I need to bring. I am certain it is not complete but I like lists so, here it is…

Sleeping bag



Camping chairs

Warm clothes

Summer clothes

Swim suit



Tooth brush/paste

Flip flops





Make-up! (must for me)

Hair brush


Toilet Paper

Paper Towels

Yay!!! Camping!!!!

News Flash…

If you have a wife or girlfriend who has children you celebrate her on Mother’s day. What does that mean? It means she gets a day off. No cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, feeding the baby etc. It means you make her feel special and appreciated. It also means if the means are there you go buy her something to show her that you remembered, that you know she does A LOT every day of the year and just that one day you are going to show her.

You do NOT do nothing! Especially if it is her first Mother’s Day ever! That would be the all time biggest failure a husband or boyfriend could do. Just go on pretending that That day (Mother’s Day) is just another day. Buying a card is not enough FYI. I hope this clarifies things for you mean out there.

Oh… and another thing… When she brings your child into this world you get her a gift as well. So plan ahead gentlemen!

For the record my husband failed on both accounts and he is paying dearly.