I feel so much better!

I finally went and looked at my goals. Honestly I have been avoiding them. I didn’t want to look failure in the face. But I did and guess what?!

I am doing so much better than I thought! Maybe I won’t fail after all. Which I had just come around to accepting. Here’s the update of what I have completed without even knowing it.

#4- Read one book a month. I have far surpassed this! I read like 4 books a month. Seriously. I get through one book a week easily. Sometimes more. I am not however journaling about them. I’ll re-work that goal.

#11- Walk or run more than I do. I am for sure walking more. I take Peyton for walks every weekend and sometimes on week nights. I walk around my campus at work during lunch sometimes. No running but I hate running and will probably never come around to that one.

#14- Create a wedding scrapbook. Done! … Well, almost. I started it and it is almost complete. Next will be Peyton’s first year scrap-book.

#17- Get my teeth whitened. I just got the trays made yesterday! By next Tuesday I will have my teeth whitening kit and ready to roll. One week later they will be pearly white. Yay!

#62- Throw Robert a 30th birthday party. I did this and it was great. Beside the snow storm that happened that day and affected a few great people from attending. But, I did it and can cross that off too!

Look at that… I was completing goals all along and I wasn’t even looking at the list! I am patting myself on the back right now 🙂


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