I feel so much better!

I finally went and looked at my goals. Honestly I have been avoiding them. I didn’t want to look failure in the face. But I did and guess what?!

I am doing so much better than I thought! Maybe I won’t fail after all. Which I had just come around to accepting. Here’s the update of what I have completed without even knowing it.

#4- Read one book a month. I have far surpassed this! I read like 4 books a month. Seriously. I get through one book a week easily. Sometimes more. I am not however journaling about them. I’ll re-work that goal.

#11- Walk or run more than I do. I am for sure walking more. I take Peyton for walks every weekend and sometimes on week nights. I walk around my campus at work during lunch sometimes. No running but I hate running and will probably never come around to that one.

#14- Create a wedding scrapbook. Done! … Well, almost. I started it and it is almost complete. Next will be Peyton’s first year scrap-book.

#17- Get my teeth whitened. I just got the trays made yesterday! By next Tuesday I will have my teeth whitening kit and ready to roll. One week later they will be pearly white. Yay!

#62- Throw Robert a 30th birthday party. I did this and it was great. Beside the snow storm that happened that day and affected a few great people from attending. But, I did it and can cross that off too!

Look at that… I was completing goals all along and I wasn’t even looking at the list! I am patting myself on the back right now 🙂


Check this out…


Love what she has to say!

I’m Ready…

To sell my house. I have been scared of the process. But, I want a bigger house that will get us ready for another baby. We can not have another child in the house we are in and it is the BEST time to buy! I am seeing brand new beautiful homes for 250,000. I can’t go wrong with that. Plus if we sell our house we will walk away with roughly 25-30k… I hate going and looking at redfin.com because it gets my hopes up when I see all these beautiful homes. I’m tired of feeling that way. I looked on redfin at the process of selling and how they help you through the entire process and I am ready to meet with someone. Now, I just have to get my husband on board with this.

Oh, I’m excited!!!

What’s on my mind…

I know, I know… It has been forever since I updated. I just don’t feel like I have anything important to say. I suppose I will treat this like my own personal journal so I write more. Of course I will only say what I want to share with the world… Or my 2 friends who read this.

So much on my mind. I can hardly get my thoughts straight to form a sentance. For starters we should be in a much better financial situation soon. We sold the boat last Friday to a very good friend. Which is good because we can still go out on it. lol With the money from the boat we paid off the boat (duh), we also paid off Roberts truck. This is great news! That alone will save us almost $500.00 a month. On top of that I refinanced my car and am now saving $120.00 in my monthly car payment. So, add it all up and we are now saving $600.00 a month in bills. This is wonderful because we have debt elsewhere that this money can now be applied to. I can not stop thinking about how much to pay, where to pay it, how fast can I get things paid off. It’s all so exciting but equally overwhelming. I’m looking forward to the final reward of being debt free!

I think about my friendships a lot and how unsatisfied I am. I’m sure I have written about this before but I never come to grips with the way life has changed.  I hate hearing  excuses from freinds about how life has changed. I know how it’s changed! In less than 2 years I have gotten married, had a baby and inherited a mountain of debt. If anyone knows how life chages I do. I just wish people would stay the people they were when we all met and feel in love with each other. I do love my friends or I wouldn’t be friends with them.. Well, I guess that’s not entirely true. I dislike a few “friends” that I’m simply friends with because they are a part of the group or because it’s easier that way then ending the friendship again because they are part of the group. I love my life now but I wish we could incorprate what life used to be like into this new life. Before boyfriends, fiances, spouses, and kids all came into the picture and changed us for the worse. Because it’s true the significant other should make you a better person and bring out the best in you but often times that is not the case. They change you for the worse and you don’t even know it. Until you break up or wake up. I spend most of my time with Robert now because I know he will always make me happy and if he doesn’t I’ll kill him 🙂 Just kidding. lol

Peyton is cutting teeth. Every night is a challenge to get her to go to sleep, to get anything done around the house because she wants to be held or played with at all time. I love the weekends with her because I get to be with her during the happiest parts of her day. Not just at the end of it when she is tired and cranky. She is 9 months old. In less than 3 months now she will be a year and I can’t hardly believe that! I will throw her a party which is silly since she will only be a year and it’s more for the adults anyway. But, I will still do it 🙂

I haven’t even glanced at my goals in eons! I know I should but it’s like I’m avoiding the failure. I know I will never finish them. I don’t even have the desire to do some of them. However, I have been reading more lately then I ever have. Not anything off the top 100 banned books but still. I’m reading, like a book or more a week. So, I can’t possibly keep up on all those book reviews.

Hopefully this update was sufficient. I may write more later if I think of anything else to say. Adios!