New Job, New year, New attitude…

I have been a grumpy gus lately. I got “laid off” 6 days before Christmas. Which turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to me. I hated that job and worked for the meanest woman ever. I had a better job 3 days later with much better benefits, the same pay, job security, a career, the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder, all around I am much happier on the job front. However, on the home front things have been terrible! Robert is working at the bar which will be the demise of me. I hate it. I want him to get a freaking career that will support this family that he just had to have. That he so desperately wants to expand. I have news for him. I control the expansion and it is NOT happening until he makes major changes! I want debt paid off or significantly down, a bigger house with a mortgage we can comfortably afford. I want him home at night not hustling at a bar. Is it coming across just how unhappy I am? I have friends who think I am over reacting I’m sure. That’s fine, they don’t live my life. They over react in many ways about their own issues and I keep my mouth closed. I knew I would hate him working at a bar. I put it off as long as I possibly could. I know myself well enough to know my faults and having my husband working at a bar is not something that sits well with me. It eats away at me every time he leaves the house. I don’t see it changing either.

In other news… Peyton will be 7 months old next week. Time is still flying by. I can’t believe it. She is getting so big. So cute too. Not that she was ever not cute. I realized I may not be cut out to be a stay at home mom though. Being home the first 2 months was nice. I really enjoyed that and I would have liked to stay home a couple more months but I’m more the working type. I think if we have another I will stay home for 3 or 4 months but go back to work after that. It makes every evening more special because I haven’t spent all day listening to her fuss 🙂

I’m on break at work right now. That’s a nice thing. As long as I don’t start another book I will write when I am on break. I have been ADDICTED to reading lately! I have read 6 books in the last month. I can’t put them down. Luckily for you I am out of books at the house so I resorted to writing. Nothing interesting to say though. Sorry. I enjoy reading what other people say much more than I enjoy writing. I need to work on my goals but that doesn’t seem like much fun any more. Blah!! Back to work though!