You know what bugs me?

Cheating athletes and the women who actually think it won’t happen to them! Umm… Hello, you married a man who travels the world with an ego that rivals it. It’s been happening for decades of course but more recently the media


plasters their faces on every tabloid and “Access Hollywood” type show around. Tiger Woods for instance starting all the drama in 2010 with the claims of infidelity. I wanted so badly to believe it wasn’t true. It didn’t take long to see that his squeaky clean image was about to be flushed down the toilet faster than imaginable! He of course wasn’t the first to be thrown under the bus. But, my goodness his story was horrible. TWELVE… Seriously Tiger? His wife was so gorgeous too… But, goes to show you it doesn’t mater what they have at home. They will always want more.

You know who hurt the most? Brett Farve. I guess I knew deep down all of them were (are) scum. But, Brett seemed so wholesome and country. I never would have guessed. I hated listening to his voice on those voicemails and knowing he had a wife that just beat breast cancer. I hate him for her and his kids. What a dirt bag. Again, though I bring up these women who choose to stick by their men and let it happen. I’m thankful that Elin left Tiger. So thankful. However, most just stick around and wear their blinders acting like it doesn’t happen and once it does they act like it never did happen. Wich in turn makes the world think what is happening is the “norm” and we should get used to it or accept it. I will not accept the fact that men will so easily disrespect their wives. I would never cheat on my husband. Why does it seem so easy for these men to do this to their wives? To be fair it’s not just athletes who cheat on their wives… It’s anyone who makes more than a modest amount of money. They have huge ego’s and think they should get anything they want. What they deserve is very horrible things I shall not type 🙂


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  1. katiebuss
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 22:02:36

    It’s all the gossip I read that makes me believe this, but a lot of the time I think they get into these relationships not only assuming there will be cheating, but having open relationships. Like Eva Longoria & Tony Parker? I’m pretty certain that was the case, but he got involved emotionally with another girl, and that was crossing the line. It’s an entire different world, celebrities. And not just sports.. too crazy. I think they trade a real, honest relationship for the money and lifestyle that comes with marrying that type of person. Any maybe it’s worth it to them! Who knows.


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