My comedic life…

I just want to fill you in on how hilarious and terrific my life is.

Last week some time Peyton graced me with some projectile poop that had me laughing for days and I really need to share this story with you.

Peyton was pretty fussy since she was having a hard time getting her poo out. Daddy was trying to entertain her while she did her deed.  I told him there was no way she finished that fast and he needed to let her continue pooping. He said I heard it all “squirt” out, I need to change her. Obviously there was no point in arguing at this point. He took her to her room where her changing table is and started to change her diaper.  She started farting as he took the diaper off. He called for me and said quick get me a new diaper. I started to wipe ber butt and put the new diaper under her as she literally PROJECTILE pooped all over my arm, across the room, on her things and all. I started laughing hysterically and couldn’t even finish the diaper change. I went into the bathroom to wash my arm and could not stop laughing. The next day I was driving to work and the scene popped into my head and I started laughing out loud to myself again. The whole scenario was really hilarious! If you could have been there to see it!

Another comedic event in the last week…

Over the weekend I went out with Kristin for a night of scrap-booking. After which we stopped at McCabes for some dancing. Since my husband told her she was to convince me to do so because I needed to go get my boogie on. lol Which, really is kind of cute however conniving it may have been. Anyway, I drank enough to be tipsy and when I got home I saw two wine glasses on my tv stand. One of which had lip gloss on it. Immediately panicking and going red in the face I marched right into our bedroom, flipped on the light switch and proceeded to interrogate my husband on who he had over. Hehehe… Need I remind you I was tipsy and it was 2:00am in the morning or there about. He said nobody was there and it was my wineglass from the night before that I neglected to put away. He told me to go check. In my drunken state I did just that. I was all detective like and held that wine glass up to the light, looked at that lip gloss which turned out to be my clumpy chapstick from the night before that I had smudged around because I didn’t like the feel of it on my lips every time I took a sip. Hahahaha… OMG…. When I walked back to the bedroom he said, “Do you have something to say to me?” To which I replied, “I’m sorry” … Last night for dinner he poured me a glass of wine and said, “Please don’t tell my wife I’m giving you some of her wine” Hahaha, funny guy!

Let me just tell you. I have a great life. I laugh when I think about the stresses I worry about on a daily basis. I am so blessed to have such a great husband, beautiful daughter, best family and the greatest friends I take for granted. I had such a great weekend doing some of the simplest things and it just reminded me how wonderful my life is.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. katiebuss
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 22:11:27

    I already emailed you about this, but I laughed out loud at both stories. Especially the wine one (the other is so super gross, hahaha)… so funny. I definitely see this happening. I think Robert has a great sense of humor though, so he probably thought it was just as funny when it was happening 🙂


  2. Kristen
    Dec 07, 2010 @ 10:38:55

    It was pretty hilarious. Both stories really but the wine was one for the books! lol


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