Stop growing!!!

I would like my daughter to please stop growing! Her little arms are getting rolls. Her little legs are learning to kick the water in the bath. She is eating like a piggly wiggly and has the baby rolls to prove it. She is so adorable I want to stop time and just admire her. I ask her every day if she knows how much I love her. Then my husband says well, do you know how much your mom loves you? Probably not. I guess we never do. It’s just an unmeasurable emotion.

My heart beats with hers now. I think about her 24-7. When I’m not with her I want to be with her. I sit at work and day-dream about the days when I will be able to take her and pick her up from school. Oh please let there be a day where that is possible! If only you knew just how cute she is. Really, really cute! I’m bias I know but you should see her… So cute! I found this spot yesterday that just makes her giggle non stop. It’s her temple. If I kiss it with the slightest bit of suction she just goes crazy. It’s seriously the cutest thing you’ll ever see.

I just wish I could freeze time. Wouldn’t that be amazing? If we could freeze time and make these priceless moments last a little longer? I would love that!


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