You know what bugs me?

Cheating athletes and the women who actually think it won’t happen to them! Umm… Hello, you married a man who travels the world with an ego that rivals it. It’s been happening for decades of course but more recently the media


plasters their faces on every tabloid and “Access Hollywood” type show around. Tiger Woods for instance starting all the drama in 2010 with the claims of infidelity. I wanted so badly to believe it wasn’t true. It didn’t take long to see that his squeaky clean image was about to be flushed down the toilet faster than imaginable! He of course wasn’t the first to be thrown under the bus. But, my goodness his story was horrible. TWELVE… Seriously Tiger? His wife was so gorgeous too… But, goes to show you it doesn’t mater what they have at home. They will always want more.

You know who hurt the most? Brett Farve. I guess I knew deep down all of them were (are) scum. But, Brett seemed so wholesome and country. I never would have guessed. I hated listening to his voice on those voicemails and knowing he had a wife that just beat breast cancer. I hate him for her and his kids. What a dirt bag. Again, though I bring up these women who choose to stick by their men and let it happen. I’m thankful that Elin left Tiger. So thankful. However, most just stick around and wear their blinders acting like it doesn’t happen and once it does they act like it never did happen. Wich in turn makes the world think what is happening is the “norm” and we should get used to it or accept it. I will not accept the fact that men will so easily disrespect their wives. I would never cheat on my husband. Why does it seem so easy for these men to do this to their wives? To be fair it’s not just athletes who cheat on their wives… It’s anyone who makes more than a modest amount of money. They have huge ego’s and think they should get anything they want. What they deserve is very horrible things I shall not type 🙂



I know somebody who does exactly THIS… I found this on the front page of wordpress. Read the whole thing and cracked up. Funny… Tragically funny!

Told you she’s growing up!




Peyton is starting to hold her own bottle! Not entirely on her own but she is certainly trying. Kristin started spoon feeding her the rice cereal so she could get a feel for swallowing before she is actually eating food of substance and you can see above she had a great time with her first “real food” adventure. she took the spoon and started playing with it. Her face is covered in the cereal. Kristin said it would be very messy! Better her house than mine. Hahaha. 🙂

Headbands and flowers



Who would have thought I would be putting oversized flowers on my daughters head? It’s so fun though. It’s like dress up for grown up’s! She looks adorable now but as a newborn the flowers were as big as her head and I fealt pretty ridiculous for ever taking the time to make them in the first place. See for yourself though, pretty cute 🙂

My comedic life…

I just want to fill you in on how hilarious and terrific my life is.

Last week some time Peyton graced me with some projectile poop that had me laughing for days and I really need to share this story with you.

Peyton was pretty fussy since she was having a hard time getting her poo out. Daddy was trying to entertain her while she did her deed.  I told him there was no way she finished that fast and he needed to let her continue pooping. He said I heard it all “squirt” out, I need to change her. Obviously there was no point in arguing at this point. He took her to her room where her changing table is and started to change her diaper.  She started farting as he took the diaper off. He called for me and said quick get me a new diaper. I started to wipe ber butt and put the new diaper under her as she literally PROJECTILE pooped all over my arm, across the room, on her things and all. I started laughing hysterically and couldn’t even finish the diaper change. I went into the bathroom to wash my arm and could not stop laughing. The next day I was driving to work and the scene popped into my head and I started laughing out loud to myself again. The whole scenario was really hilarious! If you could have been there to see it!

Another comedic event in the last week…

Over the weekend I went out with Kristin for a night of scrap-booking. After which we stopped at McCabes for some dancing. Since my husband told her she was to convince me to do so because I needed to go get my boogie on. lol Which, really is kind of cute however conniving it may have been. Anyway, I drank enough to be tipsy and when I got home I saw two wine glasses on my tv stand. One of which had lip gloss on it. Immediately panicking and going red in the face I marched right into our bedroom, flipped on the light switch and proceeded to interrogate my husband on who he had over. Hehehe… Need I remind you I was tipsy and it was 2:00am in the morning or there about. He said nobody was there and it was my wineglass from the night before that I neglected to put away. He told me to go check. In my drunken state I did just that. I was all detective like and held that wine glass up to the light, looked at that lip gloss which turned out to be my clumpy chapstick from the night before that I had smudged around because I didn’t like the feel of it on my lips every time I took a sip. Hahahaha… OMG…. When I walked back to the bedroom he said, “Do you have something to say to me?” To which I replied, “I’m sorry” … Last night for dinner he poured me a glass of wine and said, “Please don’t tell my wife I’m giving you some of her wine” Hahaha, funny guy!

Let me just tell you. I have a great life. I laugh when I think about the stresses I worry about on a daily basis. I am so blessed to have such a great husband, beautiful daughter, best family and the greatest friends I take for granted. I had such a great weekend doing some of the simplest things and it just reminded me how wonderful my life is.

Finally pics





Just wanted to show you how cute she really is 🙂 uploading from a phone here so we’ll see how this works.

Stop growing!!!

I would like my daughter to please stop growing! Her little arms are getting rolls. Her little legs are learning to kick the water in the bath. She is eating like a piggly wiggly and has the baby rolls to prove it. She is so adorable I want to stop time and just admire her. I ask her every day if she knows how much I love her. Then my husband says well, do you know how much your mom loves you? Probably not. I guess we never do. It’s just an unmeasurable emotion.

My heart beats with hers now. I think about her 24-7. When I’m not with her I want to be with her. I sit at work and day-dream about the days when I will be able to take her and pick her up from school. Oh please let there be a day where that is possible! If only you knew just how cute she is. Really, really cute! I’m bias I know but you should see her… So cute! I found this spot yesterday that just makes her giggle non stop. It’s her temple. If I kiss it with the slightest bit of suction she just goes crazy. It’s seriously the cutest thing you’ll ever see.

I just wish I could freeze time. Wouldn’t that be amazing? If we could freeze time and make these priceless moments last a little longer? I would love that!

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