Such a stressful week…

And it’s only Tuesday!

-Bills, bills, bills. I swear they are never-ending. Just when I get one paid off another one pops up that I had no idea about. Thanks hubs!

-Peyton. I think she is starting to teeth already. Not a fun stage. She is so fussy all the time. Yay!

-Debt.  I hate debt. Someone want to pay it off for me?

-Weight. I want to lose more at a faster pace. Fat is a cruel thing. So is food.

-I would like to be good at something.

-I would like someone to need me. (Besides Peyton of course)

-I can not stand whiney children. I hear Peyton crying all evening at home. I do NOT want to come to work to listen to your whiney undisciplined child in the waiting room the entire time.

-Patients who think they can do my job better than me. Do you want to trade seats and make your own damn appointment? I do not make enough money to sit here with a smile on my face while you antagonize me about how I should do my job.

 I suppose I could end my bitchy rant there but why? … I hate fighting with my husband. Even worse I hate it when we fight over stupid things like him eating the eggs I boiled to make deviled eggs. Not once but twice. I boiled eggs last week to make deviled eggs and he ate them. So, I made more over the weekend to try again just to find that he ate them AGAIN! Why must we fight about such a silly things?

We need to make more money because we spend more than we make now that we have a precious baby girl who costs a fortune! I work 9 hours a day most days so picking up a second job isn’t an option since with travel time I’m already away from home almost 12 hours. However Robert is more than happy to pick up a second job since he only works about 6 hours a day working for his dads business and during the winter it is super slow! He has a background in bartending. Yipee! Sense my sarcasm? So, that’s what he is looking into. I know we need the money but I dread, absolutely to the core dread the idea of him going back to the bar. He is the biggest flirt I have ever met. How do you think he got me?! Ugh… I may have a lot of sleepless nights and it will not be because of Peyton.

I’m not happy today and I don’t want to go home with such a crappy demeanor. I hate being in a bad mood around Robert. I always take it out on him.


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  1. leebuss
    Oct 26, 2010 @ 18:13:02

    You’re just going to have to boil a bunch of eggs all at once! When we make deviled eggs around here, we boil up two dozen at once! There’s no way Robert can eat all those up before you get to some!

    Or you could hide them around the house! Like an Easter Egg hunt! You’ll just have to draw a little pirate style treasure map to remember where you hid them, or you’ll be sorry when a freeze hits and you crank up the heater!

    In all seriousness though, you should check out Although there is some setup time to get everything running smoothly, it is a great little web application for tracking finances. You can add all your accounts, have it import your transactions automatically, setup financial goals like saving or paying off credit cards, setup bill reminders via email and text message, create budgets and even have alerts sent to your phone when you approach or exceed a budget. It’s great! Katie and I just got back into using it (or rather started using it regularly) and I think it’s going to be very useful to help reduce our spending. Making more money is always preferrable, but spending less works OK too. Besides, they say on average your income increases but you don’t ever really make more money, because spending typically increases with it.

    I’m getting my job back at Best Buy part time! Pretty excited about that. Hopefully Robert can find something close by. I wouldn’t worry too much about him bartending though.. he seems like he’s pretty into you. 😉


  2. leebuss
    Oct 26, 2010 @ 18:13:32

    P.S. You totally still have my red shaker bottle!


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