I’m hungry. I hate you food… You will be the demise of me.


Such a stressful week…

And it’s only Tuesday!

-Bills, bills, bills. I swear they are never-ending. Just when I get one paid off another one pops up that I had no idea about. Thanks hubs!

-Peyton. I think she is starting to teeth already. Not a fun stage. She is so fussy all the time. Yay!

-Debt.  I hate debt. Someone want to pay it off for me?

-Weight. I want to lose more at a faster pace. Fat is a cruel thing. So is food.

-I would like to be good at something.

-I would like someone to need me. (Besides Peyton of course)

-I can not stand whiney children. I hear Peyton crying all evening at home. I do NOT want to come to work to listen to your whiney undisciplined child in the waiting room the entire time.

-Patients who think they can do my job better than me. Do you want to trade seats and make your own damn appointment? I do not make enough money to sit here with a smile on my face while you antagonize me about how I should do my job.

 I suppose I could end my bitchy rant there but why? … I hate fighting with my husband. Even worse I hate it when we fight over stupid things like him eating the eggs I boiled to make deviled eggs. Not once but twice. I boiled eggs last week to make deviled eggs and he ate them. So, I made more over the weekend to try again just to find that he ate them AGAIN! Why must we fight about such a silly things?

We need to make more money because we spend more than we make now that we have a precious baby girl who costs a fortune! I work 9 hours a day most days so picking up a second job isn’t an option since with travel time I’m already away from home almost 12 hours. However Robert is more than happy to pick up a second job since he only works about 6 hours a day working for his dads business and during the winter it is super slow! He has a background in bartending. Yipee! Sense my sarcasm? So, that’s what he is looking into. I know we need the money but I dread, absolutely to the core dread the idea of him going back to the bar. He is the biggest flirt I have ever met. How do you think he got me?! Ugh… I may have a lot of sleepless nights and it will not be because of Peyton.

I’m not happy today and I don’t want to go home with such a crappy demeanor. I hate being in a bad mood around Robert. I always take it out on him.

A few goals accomplished

During all this time away I did finish a few little goals.

#38 Do not eat fast food for a week – I completed this goal due to a horribly strict diet that I finished a few weeks ago. Which resulted in completing goal

#27 Lose 10 pounds- I actually lost 15 pounds and still have 30 more to go.

#40 Eat at 5 new restaurants- Done and done. This was a fun and easy one to finish. I think I updated on most of the new restaurants we tried.

#89 Learn more about politics- Whether I have LEARNED more or clouded my head with more lies depends on who you ask but I have researched it more and decided that politicians are all snakes and liars and the world would be better off without them. Mothers should run this world.

#92 Clean out closet of all clothes that do not fit me- I have done this a few times now and I just took a few things to a consignment store to try to make some money on my goods 🙂 I will continue to do this as I shrink.

That’s all I have finished so far. I still need to come up with a few more goals since I have deleted quite a bit that I realized I have no desire in accomplishing. My new goals will have something to do with Peyton I’m sure. They will not have anything to do with getting pregnant though! lol

Too much too say…

I have far too much to say for just one post. Since I know I do not get on here enough and I have no idea when will be my next opportunity I will try to use the most of this one.

Peyton is now 15 weeks old. 4 months next Thursday. I can hardly believe it. That is if you count the weeks on a calendar. If you were to go by The day she was born and count the months she would still have a couple of weeks till she was considered 4 months but that’s just not how they count a babies age until they reach like 2 or something. Notice how When a baby is a year old they still say 12 months. Then 18 months. Sometimes people even say 24 months. That’s where I draw the line. She’s 2 for heaven’s sake. Anyway, time flies, like I’ve said before. Peyton is so great! She is growing up so fast. She makes every day special and she can turn any cloudy, miserable day into the most beautiful sunny day. She smiles and laughs a lot and recently found her fist. She likes to suck on that instead of her pacifier now. She is blessing Robert and I with sleeping through the night almost every night (thank you)!

We took Peyton to the pumpkin farm with Wendy, Omar and Karyna the other weekend and that was a lot of fun. We did the corn maze and the petting zoo. I really only wanted to go for pictures. My dad let me borrow his very expensive, very professional camera. Thanks dad 🙂 It was great. I took a ton of photos then played with them in photoshop. I want to capture as many memories as I can of her growing up. Pictures are my favorite keepsake!

I am taking Peyton to get her pictures taken every month for her first year. That goes along with how much I love pictures 🙂 I want to capture the first year and all the changes a baby makes. This month she will have her pictures taken in her Halloween costume which is a little lamb. In December she will have them taken in her Christmas dress.

That about sums up Peyton for now. I’m back to work and have been since she was 6 weeks old. She is with Kristin Monday, Wednesday, Friday. My mom has her Tuesdays and Roberts mom will start watching her on Thursdays starting next week.