Baby Update

Not a whole to update. I am 38 weeks prego. Almost there. Thank goodness! I sure hope she comes on time if not earlier. The waiting game is honestly the hardest part of the whole pregnancy. Once you get this far and you know she is healthy and could possibly be born at any time it is hard to just sit and wait for her. With every pang or burst of pressure I silently think could this be it? But, nope. Just normal pains I suppose.

I am ready to be done working at this point. I have no energy to do anything and I am almost always tired. I think I have fared pretty well during this pregnancy compared to others I know though. I am still working at 38 weeks and everyone thinks I am crazy for that. Trust me if I could take more time off I would. However, I only have a limited amount of time I can take off after birth and I want to use all the time once she arrives. It is all unpaid as it is, so extra time off is not an option.

I feel so prepared and so ready it almost feels surreal. I’m sure once she arrives we will panic and think to ourselves,”How could we forget that?” But, for now I feel ready for anything 🙂

My feet and what should be ankles have never been so swollen. I no longer have ankles and my toes look like little sausages! Not a single pair of my shoes fit and I am living in crocs. So attractive!!

We are 14 days away from our due date. Wish me luck!!


Society sometimes irritates me!

I live in Washington state. We have had a rough year with losing multiple police officers in the line of duty and family’s losing a loving husband, father, mother, wife etc. Recently we have seen two videos of police officers in what the news is calling violent arrests.

The most recent is a video of two women who had just jaywalked and the officer had asked them to identify themselves. From the very beginning they were uncooperative and actually started shoving the officer. Here you can see a news clipping of it. There were many onlookers, a few of which were recording amateur videos of it. Of course the news has only published the actual punch and not what led up to the punch. It is highly unfair that the media makes this look like the police officer is in the wrong. He is trained to protect himself and others. These two girls were actually attacking him. They easily could have reached for his gun. At one point one of the girls climbs on the officers back. The worst part in my opinion is that the crowd which was quickly growing were yelling at the officer, taking video of the scene screaming, “I’m recording this you’re going to be fired” and not one person tried to help the officer. Youtube has posted a few of the videos showing more of the story. As you can see the officer was doing what he had to do in order to get the situation under control. He was by himself and the situation was quickly escalating. To make it worse the media is also using the race card… AGAIN!! Every time something happens to an African American or Latino the race card is pulled out. Seriously? When will we get past this? If a Latino officer arrests a white person we don’t use the race card. It is so pathetic. Honestly makes me super angry!

For heavens sake. Our police officers are getting gunned down in the streets way too often. They are being violently murdered when they are not even on duty yet. But, here we are questioning there every act and calling them “wrong” or “violent”. Am I the only one who would rather my police officer be trained to use his gun, fist, foot or whatever in order to protect me or himself? We are going to scare our police officers into submission of the media. They are going to be afraid to act in the ways they have been trained because it will probably backfire. What is happening to society?

While I am so angry with society let me bring up Obama and the oil spill. I don’t usually discuss politics with anyone. I feel I am without much knowledge on the subject and don’t like to argue about topics that I am not passionate about. However, I am so tired of hearing about how terrible Obama is handling the oil spill. Really? What would you do? BP is the issue here. It was and is there job to make sure these deep water oil drills are safe. They failed. Not our government, not our president. He can’t fix the problem any more then the rest of us can. He is however holding BP accountable for this and making them compensate all who are being affected directly. I hate that people need someone to blame. Shit happens. Please learn to deal with it and quit being so ignorant. Obama is a good president. He is doing what he thinks is best for this country. Do you honestly believe that he is getting paid enough to deal with the criticism and hate mail? Hell no he’s not. He has a lot more gray hair now too I noticed on TV last night. lol But seriously, quit being so mean.

Only 31 more days… Or there about.

I only have another month to go until my due date. I can’t even express how excited this makes me! I am ready. I have everything taken care of. I honestly feel so prepared. I am a planner, I like to be organized and this is no exception. Every time I email my mom a new list or ask her to go over something I have done she replies with, “You are so organized!”  Or, “Sometimes you are so much like me.” I told her I hope that’s a compliment 🙂

Recently I have put together my “who to call list” for the labor. I have listed everyone’s phone numbers so the phone tree can work correctly. I have finished packing for the hospital (I had lists to follow) as of yesterday. I went and stocked up on snacks for Robert in case we deliver in the middle of the night and I got a few other last-minute things. Her nursery is complete, although it has been. I keep going in there to see if there is anything else I can do. 🙂 I also addressed most of the envelopes for the announcements. I understand these will not go out for a few months after delivery but I assume I won’t have much time on my hands to do ANYTHING so I wanted to get a heads start.

Robert put her car seat in my car a few days ago and he finally hung the shelves in her closet I have been asking him to do for months. He also installed the little baby mirror in the back seat so she can look at herself and I can see her in my rear view. He’s ready too. We’re both so excited for her arrival this last month wait is excruciating.

I have worked out most of the kinks in my work schedule and getting time off. I still don’t see eye to eye with my administrator on when to come back but it’s better than it was. I am taking 8 full weeks off work then we will see where it goes from there. I would like another month of part-time before I return full-time. I’m not sure how that will go. Although I have already asked and prepared her for that.

So… Now we wait. Miss Peyton you are free to arrive any time your little heart desires. We are waiting on pins and needles for you 🙂

Fun Find

I saw this on the front page of

It was a fun read…

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