Another one accomplished

Over the weekend I learned to sew! I would not call myself a pro by any means but I did learn and make a few things all on my own this weekend. My mom taught me how to do a simple stitch and I made 6 pacifier clips. I wish I had a photo to post but I didn’t take one. I’ll get on that and update this post tomorrow hopefully. They have a clip on one end to attach to babies clothes and the other end attaches to the pacifier to keep it from hitting the floor. I saved a bunch of money by making these myself. I also made Peyton a tutu for her to wear in her first photos. This doesn’t actually count towards my sewing goal because it was a no sew project but it is so cute! I will get a picture of that. Again, I saved so much money making this myself. People sell these on Etsy for $25.00. My materials cost me $8.00 and I made two! One for our god daughter. She wore it Saturday night when we went to the Rock for dinner. Absolutely adorable!

I accomplished another goal last week too. However, I think I already checked this one off. I shopped on and found two adorable photo props for her first pictures. I bought her a “cocoon” and a cute little hat. I am so excited to do her first photos. I found some great photographer sites that have given me lots of good ideas. Here are the cocoon and hat I bought off Etsy.

Cocoon and matching hat


Perfect little hat


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  1. katiebuss
    May 03, 2010 @ 16:02:46

    So cute! We’ll have to see if we can pull off making this stuff on our own..


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