Nursery is complete

Although it has been complete for sometime I continue to add and re-arrange. I had my last baby shower though and we are as stocked as we’ll ever be. I got some beautiful wall art pieces and have them all hung. Here are photos of the complete nursery.

So, there you have it. Peyton’s entire room. She has her very own sheep skin rug, a beautiful quilt set her grandma made her, homemade curtains from her other grandma, artwork from family friends, a room painted with love by daddy, and more goodies then any girl could wish for. She is already spoiled!


Patience is a virtue

I was patient with my Etsy purchase just waiting for it to arrive… and I got it Saturday! Woo Hoo!! So cute! I can’t wait for baby girl to be born so I can do her newborn pictures! Not to mention it will be like playing dress up with all her cute clothes.

Side note: Great weekend! Saturday we had another labor and delivery class. It was a little boring this week but I’m still glad to learn the information. Then we went to the University District Street Fair. It was PACKED! Like shoulder to shoulder walking the streets. It was also very hot and we didn’t stay long. I like those sort of events but Robert isn’t to keen on them. A lot of repetitive vendors and such. Sunday we took the boat out. Thought it was going to be a beautiful day but the weather was so weird. It was nice when we got there. A little over cast though. After about an hour or so it started raining. Bummer! We stuck it out for a bit then headed home. As soon as we got home it was gorgeous again. Go figure right?!

I am excited for next weekend. I have my baby shower with all my girl friends. It should be super fun. Then we are supposed to get some maternity pictures in there somewhere. Once the shower is over I can finally feel like I have everything ready for Peyton. Whatever we don’t receive at the shower I will go buy and we’ll be set! 🙂 Plus, we have our last labor and delivery class on Saturday. It’s all about breast-feeding and new-born care so I am actually looking forward to that one.

Hope you all had a great weekend too! Happy Monday!

I have failed you…

I really have nothing to say. No accomplishments to note. No goals have been met. I know, you’re disappointed in me. I am too. I’m sorry.

I have not received my adorable purchases I last posted about. That bums me out. I suppose they are hand made and I need to be patient!

Another one accomplished

Over the weekend I learned to sew! I would not call myself a pro by any means but I did learn and make a few things all on my own this weekend. My mom taught me how to do a simple stitch and I made 6 pacifier clips. I wish I had a photo to post but I didn’t take one. I’ll get on that and update this post tomorrow hopefully. They have a clip on one end to attach to babies clothes and the other end attaches to the pacifier to keep it from hitting the floor. I saved a bunch of money by making these myself. I also made Peyton a tutu for her to wear in her first photos. This doesn’t actually count towards my sewing goal because it was a no sew project but it is so cute! I will get a picture of that. Again, I saved so much money making this myself. People sell these on Etsy for $25.00. My materials cost me $8.00 and I made two! One for our god daughter. She wore it Saturday night when we went to the Rock for dinner. Absolutely adorable!

I accomplished another goal last week too. However, I think I already checked this one off. I shopped on and found two adorable photo props for her first pictures. I bought her a “cocoon” and a cute little hat. I am so excited to do her first photos. I found some great photographer sites that have given me lots of good ideas. Here are the cocoon and hat I bought off Etsy.

Cocoon and matching hat


Perfect little hat