Making Progress

I realized I haven’t given an update on my goals in a while. Mostly because I haven’t made too much progress on them. But, I have made a little so I will share that with you.

10. Read one book a month-

I haven’t really read a book a month but I did just get done reading one and I even blogged about it under the book section here. I plan on reading another one very quickly. I enjoy having my nose in a book. It keeps my mind off of the stressful things in life.

11. Create a budget and only vary slightly-

I did create a budget with both Robert and my account. I figured out how much every single bill costs us every month and learned that we waste a LOT of money! Once Peyton is born most of that wasted money will be going to her. Her child care is going to cost $360.00 a month. Which I know is incredibly cheap. Thank god because otherwise I’m not sure what we would do. We have habits we could curb. Right now we spend most of our money on her, the nursery etc. I don’t see that changing once she is born!

32. Show Robert I appreciate him-

I am making a noticeable effort of this. I tell him how thankful I am and I try to do more around the house so he doesn’t feel like it is only him. Although he always feels that way. Maybe he should have the same goal! lol

31. Buy a gift for Robert once a month just because-

I did buy him a printer last month because I knew how much he wanted one. I was against buying one because we didn’t need one and I discussed with him the waste of money it would be. He really thought he had to have one though. So, I bought him one and surprised him. I need to work on something for this month that won’t cost much and still shows my love!

I have digressed in my progress on other goals such as:

53. Put 50.00 in savings every month-

We have a line of credit we borrowed from that we are trying to pay off. So, any extra money is going to that right now.

58. Take a self-portrait every month-

I did this for October and November but then I think I stopped. I have posted other pictures but I don’t really like my face right now 🙂 I think I will continue to skip this.

62. Write letters to my grandparents once a month-

I was doing really good at this. I think I even have kept up pretty well. I may have missed March though and it is now April 21st. I guess I will get on that today!

68. Host a board game every few months-

It has been a LONG time since we hosted a board game. Hmm… Not sure what to do about this goal.

So, there you have it. I have and have not made progress.


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