Stupid Drivers

Nothing bugs me more in the morning then being stuck behind a stupid driver who insists on going 10 or more MPH less than the posted speed limit. With no way to get around this irritating SUV this morning I just sat there annoyed. There was no particular reason they should have been going so slow. At least that I could figure anyway.

That brings me to something I think about often now… Will I be one of those driver’s once Peyton is born? Will I constantly be checking my rear view mirror just to ogle over her or reach behind me to try to give her the binki that has fallen out of her mouth? In turn will this make me drive slower and pay less attention to the road? I’m so scared that it will and that people will get angry with me that I had a window decal made that says “Baby on board. Please be nice” It sounds pretty silly to me but I don’t want people to hate me on the road because I’m now driving like a grandma. lol

I can’t wait for this little bundle of joy to make it to this world. I think about her everyday and what she will be like and look like. Will she enjoy the same things I enjoyed growing up? Will she play sports, be a math geek, a wall flower (I can only hope), will she get into trouble way to early in life? Gosh I hope not! I can’t imagine having one of those kids who goes out and has sex at an early age or does drugs, gets in fights… Oh lord I might put her up for adoption! 🙂 Only kidding. But seriously… All the what if’s roll around in my mind all day every day. Scary stuff!


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