Weekend Recap

Robert and I went to another new restaurant Friday night. I had a $25.00 gift certificate to Franchesco’s in Everett. When Robert and I got married David’s bridal gave us $50.00 to use at restaurant.com and I bought two gift cards to Franchesco’s. I am so glad I did! I wish there were better words to describe to you just how good our meal was. We both ordered a salad to start. Robert had a Ceaser. He says the best ceaser salad he has ever had. I had an Italian type salad. It had lettuce, artichoke hearts, salami, three types of olives, ham and lemon balsamic vinaigrette dressing. It was sooo good! Then we both ordered the special which was manicotti. We got it with red and white sauce mixed. OMG… So delicious! We will probably frequent this restaurant A LOT!! On Friday and Saturday nights they turn it into a dance club. Mostly Latin, salsa and such. I would still love to go!

Saturday Robert and I went to a softball game in the morning and then I did a little garage saling with Kristin. It was the annual city-wide Mukilteo garage sale weekend. I was a bit disappointed. Not too many people were having sales. Then it started raining and that totally put an end to it.

Sunday I had a surprise baby shower thrown by Kristin at the Rock in Lynnwood. It was so great to see all my closest friends. We were basically the only people in the restaurant and it was a great time! Although I wish I could see my friends more often I do have some of the best friends ever!


I’m a cow…

Or at least I eat like one! I’m going to be 200 pounds before this pregnancy is over! Gah!!!

Making Progress

I realized I haven’t given an update on my goals in a while. Mostly because I haven’t made too much progress on them. But, I have made a little so I will share that with you.

10. Read one book a month-

I haven’t really read a book a month but I did just get done reading one and I even blogged about it under the book section here. I plan on reading another one very quickly. I enjoy having my nose in a book. It keeps my mind off of the stressful things in life.

11. Create a budget and only vary slightly-

I did create a budget with both Robert and my account. I figured out how much every single bill costs us every month and learned that we waste a LOT of money! Once Peyton is born most of that wasted money will be going to her. Her child care is going to cost $360.00 a month. Which I know is incredibly cheap. Thank god because otherwise I’m not sure what we would do. We have habits we could curb. Right now we spend most of our money on her, the nursery etc. I don’t see that changing once she is born!

32. Show Robert I appreciate him-

I am making a noticeable effort of this. I tell him how thankful I am and I try to do more around the house so he doesn’t feel like it is only him. Although he always feels that way. Maybe he should have the same goal! lol

31. Buy a gift for Robert once a month just because-

I did buy him a printer last month because I knew how much he wanted one. I was against buying one because we didn’t need one and I discussed with him the waste of money it would be. He really thought he had to have one though. So, I bought him one and surprised him. I need to work on something for this month that won’t cost much and still shows my love!

I have digressed in my progress on other goals such as:

53. Put 50.00 in savings every month-

We have a line of credit we borrowed from that we are trying to pay off. So, any extra money is going to that right now.

58. Take a self-portrait every month-

I did this for October and November but then I think I stopped. I have posted other pictures but I don’t really like my face right now 🙂 I think I will continue to skip this.

62. Write letters to my grandparents once a month-

I was doing really good at this. I think I even have kept up pretty well. I may have missed March though and it is now April 21st. I guess I will get on that today!

68. Host a board game every few months-

It has been a LONG time since we hosted a board game. Hmm… Not sure what to do about this goal.

So, there you have it. I have and have not made progress.

28 weeks = 7 months!

I am now 28 weeks pregnant. Which translates to 7 months in case your math skills are less than great 🙂

I have approximately 83 days left of this pregnancy. I can’t tell you how much that number excites me. After all 83 days is less than 3 months. Not much but still 🙂 Robert and I start our labor and delivery classes next weekend. We are going every Saturday for the month of May from 9:30-1:00. I am a little excited for those just so I can get things figured out in my head more.

I’m not much of a researcher so I haven’t done a ton of reading or googleing about pregnancy. I don’t want to freak myself out with everything that is written out there. So, I am excited to learn a few things in these classes that will be hands on. I do have a few books that I have read and I’m not too worried about it. I’m more worried about my lack of patience and sleep deprivation once baby arrives.

Robert and I did a few maternity pictures this weekend with my dad. I like the way a few turned out. Well, I have only seen a few but out of those I like 2 or 3.

On a side note… I told Robert that I am so thankful for everything he has been doing and that I love him very much! I am trying to show my appreciation 🙂 Plus, I bought him a printer the other week just because I knew he wanted one. That is two goals I am making progress on.

Halfway decent update-

I had a very eventful weekend! I accomplished two of my goals and had a great time!

Friday night Katie, Lee, Robert and I all went to a burlesque show named Atomic bombshells. Or at least it was supposed to be. It turned out to be horrible! Luckily the tickets were only $22.00 a piece. This show was so incredibly dumb I can’t even explain it to you. It was NOT sexy, sultry or any other word you would use to describe a burlesque show. Simply put it was awful! I would never go back. Not like I needed to tell you that. I will however look to find a better one. I will count it as accomplishing my goal because it was technically a burlesque show but I will also find another.

Saturday Robert and I went up to the Tulip Festival with my parents, brother and cousin Mikellby. It was a long drive and even longer drive home. It was beautiful though. The scenery was well worth it but it was a little boring. I had some delicious ice cream at the tulip fields that my awesome brother bought me 🙂 Robert thought it would be smart not to have cash on us so we wouldn’t spend any. lol Only problem with that was it cost $5.00 to get in (cash only) and everything inside was cash only too. i.e. My ice cream. Thanks brother!!

On the way home we stopped at a market that is known for its amazing ice cream. Of course I had just had ice cream so I didn’t have any more but I stood in line with my mom and Mikellby so they could get some. Robert and I bought a bag of chips, smoked salmon and a beverage. On the way home we got stuck in the worst traffic! First it was construction. Then it was an accident. No way around it either. We just had to sit there. Oh well, quality time in the car together 🙂

Market we stopped at

Beautiful Tulips

My hubby 🙂


I am about to accomplish two of my goals. Not a big ones but significant to me. This Saturday Robert and I are going to the Tulip Festival. Finally! I have never gone and my dad has asked me to go every year. I made it a goal so I was sure to get up there this year. Plus, this Friday we are going to a burlesque show with Katie and Lee. Also, a goal of mine! Woo Hoo… Look at me taken care of business 🙂 I’ll take pictures and post them after we’re back.

Stupid Drivers

Nothing bugs me more in the morning then being stuck behind a stupid driver who insists on going 10 or more MPH less than the posted speed limit. With no way to get around this irritating SUV this morning I just sat there annoyed. There was no particular reason they should have been going so slow. At least that I could figure anyway.

That brings me to something I think about often now… Will I be one of those driver’s once Peyton is born? Will I constantly be checking my rear view mirror just to ogle over her or reach behind me to try to give her the binki that has fallen out of her mouth? In turn will this make me drive slower and pay less attention to the road? I’m so scared that it will and that people will get angry with me that I had a window decal made that says “Baby on board. Please be nice” It sounds pretty silly to me but I don’t want people to hate me on the road because I’m now driving like a grandma. lol

I can’t wait for this little bundle of joy to make it to this world. I think about her everyday and what she will be like and look like. Will she enjoy the same things I enjoyed growing up? Will she play sports, be a math geek, a wall flower (I can only hope), will she get into trouble way to early in life? Gosh I hope not! I can’t imagine having one of those kids who goes out and has sex at an early age or does drugs, gets in fights… Oh lord I might put her up for adoption! 🙂 Only kidding. But seriously… All the what if’s roll around in my mind all day every day. Scary stuff!

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