Baby update

I am currently 24 weeks pregnant. Peyton is growing like a weed and very active! It is the most bizarre feeling when she is moving all around in there. It’s like she is having target practice in there with my organs. Last night I slept terribly in part because of Peyton. She was pressing on my lady parts and creating a very weird sensation that I could not sleep through. Then, I woke up at about 6:30 with the worst cramp in my left calf. I could barely stand on it. I felt totally crippled and I just had to walk it out.

On a related note… I absolutely hate maternity pants! Why they came out with “low rise” maternity pants is beyond me. Why would anyone want pants that went below their belly and constantly fall down because the belly is pushing on them. To top it off when you sit down they bunch up right under the belly line and get super tight so it is uncomfortable! Nothing about maternity clothes is anything to brag about but the pants are the worst. Especially if you are not a midget. All the pants are so short!

Anyway, I have looked at my goals and know I need to add more. That will take some thinking. Really just the dedication to sit down and put time into it. But, lately all my time and energy has gone into baby stuff. There is so much out there to research and think about. It makes you a bit crazy to try and figure out what you will absolutely need ahead of time. They sell so many different gadgets and soothers and such that if you have never had a child you don’t know what you will actually use and what will be a waste of money. My side of the family is not sitting pretty in the money aspect and can’t do too much to help out in the big ticket items category so Robert and I will be left to buy pretty much everything on our own. Which is fine. We’re not hurting for money. We just need to budget our spending.

A list of what we still have to buy (big ticket items):

-Swing (preferably plug in ) which is hard to find

-Stroller (light weight snap and go)

-Breast pump (SO EXPENSIVE)

-Crib mattress (not big ticket if we buy consignment)


So we have quite a few things we still need to get and none of those are under $100 except maybe the mattress depending on how we plan to buy it. I think I have our stroller picked out. It’s a three wheel all terrain Jeep stroller. Considered lightweight but let me tell you, it is not very light! 33lbs actually. That’s pretty heavy to lift in and out of the back of your car. However, it kills two birds with one stone and we can use it as a running stroller and a normal stroller to attach the car seat too while she is still an infant. So, hopefully I get stronger and won’t have a problem lifting it. lol

I also think we have found our recliner. After looking everywhere we found this is not a very inexpensive item. The one we fell in love with is at JC Penny and is around $450.00. Since we again are paying for this we don’t really want to spend that much. That one came with vibration and heat options unlike the rest we found. We did find a comparable one at big lots though. No vibration or heat but comfy enough and only $279.99.

Not related to what we need to buy but more baby news: my next Dr. appointment I have to take a glucose test = yuck! I have to drink this terrible sugar water mix 45 minutes before my appointment and hope the test comes out negative. The Dr. told me they get a lot of false positives which lead to four different blood tests. I am NOT interested in that! So, I have to go without sweets for two days prior to my appointment in hopes I get a correct result. Sweets are my biggest weakness! That will be so hard!


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