Rethinking these goals…

I love reading my friends daily posts and it got me thinking about these goals. Some of which I do not see happening now that we have a baby on the way. I thought I would omit a few of the goals I had chosen… Again. I will replace them with new ones when I come up with some worthy goals.

Buy myself a motorcycle – Well, It’s not like I will be able to ride it with a child so there is really no need for me to spend thousands on a toy I will not get much use of. Which leads us to the second goal.

Get a motorcycle endorsement – Obviously I will have no need for this.

Read the bible from front to back – I really just have absolutely no desire to do this. I think I chose this goal because I thought it would do me good or be a good thing to do, But, honestly the bible is really boring for the most part and hard to understand. I will revise this one to Read bible stories to baby Peyton.

Sleep out under the stars with Robert – Again with the baby… Where will she be while we are sleeping in our backyard under the stars? Not even an important goal. I’m just tossing this one.

Take a trip without planning the details – This just won’t happen now. Not with a child. Even if we left the baby with my parents, they would need details. What if something happened? Just not practical at this point.

Buy two pairs of Tom’s shoes – I still want to complete this goal. I just thought I would update you that these shoes are not cheap. I mean they are not terribly expensive either but they are very basic not very cute shoes and they are around $50.00. I will do it because of the charity it all goes too. I just need to have that money budgeted for it.

CPR class – Done! My work provided us with CPR training yesterday and now I am certified. Not that it was very difficult and the class was pretty lame but none the less… I can save you now 🙂


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