Baby Time

I am 22 weeks and 1 day. This little girl is so active! I know it is supposed to be this great feeling to feel your baby move and all but it is just weird! She is still small enough where her movements feel like butterflies or gas bubbles. She is so active that I feel her moving all day long. I know what your thinking… That is so amazing. blah blah blah. Well, amazing or not it feels so weird! It is cool and I do like to know everything is going well in there but still… Just wait until you go through it. For all you men, I wish you could feel it! I also wish you knew what it was like to be pregnant at all. Feel your body stretching bigger and bigger everyday. Feel your spine separating to make room for child-bearing hips. Have to go 9 months with no alcohol at all while everyone around you is drinking happily and acting like stupid drunks. Regardless of the not so fun things about being pregnant the experience as a whole has been positive so far. I have been lucky. I never got sick and really any related issues to being pregnant have not been that bad so far. I feel for those women who have tough pregnancies. I’m glad I am not one of them though! 🙂

Finally able to upload photos on here. One of me and the rest of Peyton’s nursery.

My belly at 23 weeks 🙂

Her name and the Eiffel tower

Adorable Paris lamp shade

Pink and white chandelier


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Meta Lofquist
    Mar 15, 2010 @ 15:23:34

    Today my baby was born! John Jackson arrived at 5:34 PM!Prior to the babie’s arrival, I was unsure what I should expect. I read a few of these books that helped me learn what I should expect.


  2. katiebuss
    Mar 22, 2010 @ 16:34:38

    I didn’t see you added the pictures! Love them.


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