It takes so much energy to hate someone. I know we shouldn’t hate people. I know it probably affects me more than the object of my hatred. Still…. I hate.

On a day-to-day basis hatred does not take up much of my thinking. Out of sight out of mind they say. But, when I am forced to share breathing space with someone I despise it makes for a difficult day. I am flooded with the memories of before my hatred entered the equation. I am reminded of why I hate her to begin with. I sometimes let my mind wander to thoughts of how great I thought the friendship was or the good times we shared. Then, I am just angry at myself for being so stupid to befriend someone like her. Even worse to think she feels the same about me. It is a terrible feeling to know you are hated or disliked. Especially when you feel wrongly accused or hated or whatever.

I prefer out of sight out of mind. Just get out of my life and stay out. You are a terrible person and karma will come and get you.

That’s all.


Progress Report

I have worked toward a few goals without even realizing it.

– Buy a bike and ride it… I did not buy a bike but Robert acquired two bikes. Not really comfortable riding bikes. More like a teenage boys BMX style bike. let me emphasize NOT comfortable! Robert asked me to take a short bike ride with him the other day. Bad idea! I should not be riding a bike up and down hills while pregnant even if they are small hills. My butt hurt all weekend from this nothing of a seat I was trying to keep my butt off of while riding. What a joke! I will be saving this goal for after the baby is born!

– Create a nursery. Check! Robert and I painted the nursery last weekend. He did most of it. We get the carpet installed next week and we already have all the furniture and most of the decor to set up once the carpet is in. It is so precious and it will be a little diva’s sanctuary!

– Learn CPR… Lucky for me my work hosts a class every two years and that happens to be coming up in March. I will be CPR certified on March 16th. Plus, it’s free so I don’t have to go somewhere else and pay 🙂 I like that!

– Volunteer once a week for six months. I think I updated on this already but forgot to check it off my list. It is checked off now and that goal is completed.

– Eat a piece of fruit or veggie everyday. I have been doing this. It’s pretty easy since I love fruit. I have been eating broccoli much more too. Robert found a good way to make it where I can tolerate it.

I think that’s about it. Lots of changes in life right now. Everything is going well though!

It’s a girl!

What a wonderful weekend I had! Not to mention the great week I had last week too. I got to work from home Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Doesn’t get much better than that. To top it off, I found out we are having a baby girl on Thursday 🙂 It was the best news! I was so set on us having a boy. I really believed it was a little boy in there. When the ultra sound tech said, “there is the vaginal bone and that’s the labia ” I freaked out! I started to cry and scream. lol Robert and I were so excited we went to Babies R Us that same day and registered. It was fun. Then we went to Target and finished our registry there. Target does not have a huge baby section so that one went pretty quick.

This weekend Robert started painting the nursery and he is almost finished. It is so cute. We are going with a Paris theme. I can’t even explain how cute it is! 🙂 Think poodles, Eiffel towers, purses. Top half of walls are white, bottom half are light pink with a black stripe separating the two.

We didn’t really do anything for Valentines day. We agreed early on that we would not do gifts because we just bought a new car and with baby on the way we didn’t want to spend the extra money. However, I didn’t realize that no gifts meant no card or flowers from my husband. It really was just another day in our house. I would have liked a card. How hard is that? lol Oh well, we had a great weekend.

I am 19 weeks along. One week short of being half way there 🙂

Not much of an update

So, here I am reading a few friends blogs and thinking I love how much they write. I just don’t seem to enjoy it. I think what I write is usually more like a journal entry and not very entertaining for readers. I do enjoy reading their blogs every day though so here I am updating what I have and have NOT accomplished.

Volunteering once a week for 6 months. I did not quite make it to the six month mark but we did volunteer for 5 months straight every Thursday at the Ronald McDonald house. Life has been more than crazy lately with the baby on the way and trying to get a new house. RM House requires a commitment from their volunteers to be there every week which makes perfect sense but we just can’t continue to commit to that right now. There are days where I am just too tired to show up. I will check that one off the list though because I believe 5 months was a great accomplishment.

Cooking Classes… Katie has been researching these online and we have not come up with anything yet. They are very pricey and nothing seems to fit exactly what we want to learn. I know for me anyway, I just want to learn the basics of cooking. What is good with what, a few fast easy meals to throw together for my family. Things like that. I want to enjoy cooking the way Robert does. I’m not sure that will ever happen. However my good friend Sean offered to teach me how to cook and save me money. Now, I call him a good friend but one would think I would have known he liked and was good at cooking. I didn’t. He mentioned it though and he offered to teach me. I will take him up on this offer.

I went to another new restaurant this past weekend. The Portage Cafe with Katie, Lee, Joy, Mark and their kids. It was fabulous. Quite a few people got the berry french toast which looked delicious and had a gram cracker crust. I got a pretty traditional breakfast meal of eggs, bacon and potatoes. Everything there is organic. The price reflected that but it was seriously delicious!

Feminist book store: I researched this and I am unable to find one in the greater Seattle area. They are not as saturated as I originally thought considering I do live in Seattle. I may have to re-think this goal. For now I am keeping it because I do think it would be an interesting adventure.

A few side notes not connected to my goals… We bought a new car this past weekend. I could not be more excited about it! It is a 2008 Acura RDX (small SUV) It is beautiful and has all the bells and whistles I wanted to be spoiled with. I couldn’t ask for more! So glad to be rid of that Ford Escape too!!

P.S. I made a little baby tracker on the side of this blog. It kind of messes up how neatly everything was laid out. That bothers me but I want it so I’ll have to deal.