We bought a gun πŸ™‚ A 9mm slim line pistol. It’s sexy! I can easily cock it and it fits nicely in my hand. I’m stoked! Now I just need to get my concealed weapons permit which is easy cheesy.

More exciting news… We are looking at buying another house. I could not be more excited about this. I should have made this a goal. Not sure why I didn’t. There are some great loan programs out there and we are going to rent our current house out (scary)!!! There are a lot of houses out there though and we are maxing out our budget at $275,000.00. Not because we can’t get approved for more. We can. But, because I don’t want us to strap ourselves with the monthly payment. I like having the freedom to spend.

One more month and we find out the sex of the baby. Can’t wait for that. Then, I will have plenty to update this site with. I can post all the pics of the furniture we get. If you didn’t notice I am so excited! Life is great right now. I couldn’t ask for more.


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  1. katiebuss
    Jan 06, 2010 @ 16:03:44

    I am so excited for all of these things! I will live vicariously through you for a while πŸ˜€


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