Not totally Satisifed With Myself

So, I feel like I am slacking off on these goals. Every time I look at them it is a little overwhelming but I keep reminding myself I have a long time to do them. Then I think well, for the next 8 months I will be tired and have less energy to complete certain goals. Along with the fact that I just plain can not do certain things while I’m pregnant.

I did some modifying of my goals earlier this week though. I deleted a few that I found to be silly or useless. Like paint balling… I don’t need a goal to go paint balling. Although it might be fun it’s not something I’m dieing to do and need a goal to put pressure on me to complete it. I have not added any additional goals to get back up to 101 but I’m working on it. I think I will make a goal to clean out my closet of all clothes that do not currently fit me. Although I won’t be able to complete that until after baby because if I do that now I will have to walk around naked!

I haven’t started my wedding scrap-book yet which I was supposed to do so long ago! … It just takes so much effort to lay everything out and get the creative juices flowing. That sounds like a cop-out but it’s not! I seriously just need to devote a weekend to it.

We’re still in the process of moving rooms around at the house (preparing for baby). I know we have plenty of time to do this but I feel like we are wasting two rooms right now with a hodge podge of stuff in each. We are converting the office into a nursery and the spare bedroom into just an “extra” room. It will have a hutch or something for our office supplies and laptop. It will also have the new futon couch we bought and any extra furniture we don’t want to get rid of. I hope I can make it look like it all goes together. It may be a challenge. I think I just thought of two more goals 🙂 Create a nursery and finish back room.

Well, that’s what’s going on in my life. I am very excited for the weekend! Robert and I are going to Leavenworth on Saturday for the day. We will get to see the Christmas tree lighting which will be fun! I have never gone to see that before. Sunday we have a dessert party at Katie. Yum… I love food. Especially sweet food. lol


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. katiebuss
    Dec 04, 2009 @ 14:01:49

    I think that paintballing, when you’re pregnant, is a terrible idea anyway! And I love love love the snow on your page, you can see it so much better! I’m always so excited when you update. 😀


  2. katiebuss
    Dec 04, 2009 @ 14:02:41

    P.S. Wait a sec, not satisifed.. you’re having a baby! You’re going to have a familiy. That is the coolest thing you can ever do. I’m so proud, and so jealous!


  3. Kristen
    Dec 04, 2009 @ 14:34:55

    I am plenty satisfied with being pregnant. lol I’m just not satisifed with my lack of accomplishments. I love the snow too! Thanks for showing me that!


  4. leebuss
    Dec 09, 2009 @ 14:59:38

    Taking care of things in the house has a tendancy to snowball after you get started if you’ve got enough time! We just started last week and bam! All done! Its easier than you think, and you feel much better when you’re done!


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