Over the Holidays

We hosted our Christmas dinner at our house on Christmas night. We had 12 people total there. His family and mine. Not every one of course. It went well. We had a ton of food left over and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! We will not be hosting another dinner at our house however. I got told I needed to invite people I hadn’t and that next year they (Robert’s parents) would give me a list of who I needed to invite. They obviously don’t know me that well yet… I informed them that there will not be a next year and this is my house and I will invite who I want. If they want every second cousin and third removed in-law invited they could host it at their house. I made my point and Robert’s dad apologized.

On another note I have been working on another goal: I am close buying a gun. I am researching what kind I want right now and for Christmas Robert got me a pistol training class. It is an 8 hour class and I will be taught how to disassemble a gun, put it back together and all the inner workings. Along with firing a gun properly. Very excited about this! I am on my way to accomplishing two goals with this: Buy a gun and get a concealed weapons permit.

I do have a goal to learn how to sew and make something. My mom got a sewing machine for Christmas thanks to my dad! Once she gets it all set up and starts her first project she is going to teach me how. She doesn’t know this yet. 🙂 I think for my first project I want to sew a nursing cover. Like the thing women put over there bodies to breast feed in public.

One more goal almost complete. Clean out the back room and make a living space: I have cleaned out the backroom and it is livable at this point. I still need to get my wedding dress cleaned and preserved so it is not sitting on the futon back there. Also, I need to get a small desk to house our office supplies and laptop. Once these two things are complete I will check this goal off.

On a more personal note the baby is just over 2 inches now and about the size of a lime. I am into my second trimester and should be out of the woods of any morning sickness which I never really got. Thank goodness! I have my next appointment with the doctor on 1/14/2010. It is just a check up though so no ultra sound 😦 Not sure when I get another one of those.

P.S. we are having a game night at our house for New years eve… That’s another goal!


Exciting news

I know I don’t update enough… I don’t have much to update on my goals because I am not working on them very hard. I’m sure if I sat down I could pick a few out to accomplish but I just haven’t 😦

I did want to share that I had my first ultra sound yesterday and it was so cool! I could actually see the little baby in there and hear the very strong heart beat. It is about an inch and a half big at this time and it looks like a little gummy bear inside there 🙂 I could see the arms, legs, head and butt. With the doctors help of course. I don’t find out the sex for another 10 weeks. I have to be about 20 weeks along before they can tell. Now, that will be a waiting game! I am so excited to find out! Let the shopping begin. lol

On a more goal oriented note; I am hosting my Christmas dinner party on Christmas with our two families. That should be interesting. At least I will get a goal accomplished but I can’t say I am really looking forward to it. Our families are very different and they don’t quite mesh well together when we all are forced into one venue. lol I’ll hope for the best and wish I could get drunk on egg nog… Dang this baby! 🙂

I am super excited for Christmas though. I have all my shopping done and just a few presents left to wrap. I think I might go buy two more presents for some special friends this weekend. Oh, and I am getting my hair cut today. Then I will take my December self-portrait. Woo Hoo!

Smidgen of an update

I am being hassled to update even though I do not feel I have a lot to update. 🙂 (Katie)

-Christmas Cards:

I have written most of my cards. (family at least) Now I have to address them and get them out on time in order to complete this goal. Looks like I will accomplish this one.

-Host a board game every few months:

I have not actually hosted one myself yet. Kristin had one at her house and I was supposed to host the next one but nobody could make the date we chose. We are still planning on doing this though. We (a bunch of girls) have started a brunch club where we met once a month and I am in charge of the January brunch club. It’s all planned out.

-Apply for school:

This has not happened. Not sure if and when it will happen. Ideally I would like to go back to school once the baby is born. That would require cheap or free child care and a schedule that allowed me to work. This is still on my mind. I really do want to finish my education… “some day”

-Look into Etsy and perhaps shop there first:

I have looked into the site. It is really neat and fun. They have a lot of stuff to offer. I did not buy anything however. Things tend to be a bit expensive on there. Still fun and maybe some day I will buy from the site.


Over the weekend we did some exciting things…

Friday night was girls night in which has nothing to do with my goals but it was a good time and for a good cause. We all went to Kristin’s with canned goods in hand and hung out, had a Tupperware party ate good munchies. Kristin collected lots of canned food for our local food bank.

Saturday Katie, Lee, Robert and I went to Leavenworth for the day. We met up with Jennifer and Reece for a bit while we were there. It was pretty chilly and the tree lighting wasn’t really anything special. The day itself was really fun though. It started snowing on the drive home and that was a bit scary. Here are a few pics from the trip:

Lee and Katie

Robert and I

Reece and Jenn

All of us

Sunday Katie and Lee hosted a dessert party. There were so many delicious desserts there! We all had sugar comas! I took a few pics of this as well. So all in all this weekend I did get one more goal accomplished by doing another touristy activity. Katie's home made cupcakesKatie's peanut butter balls... Yum!

Robert's first layered cake

Not totally Satisifed With Myself

So, I feel like I am slacking off on these goals. Every time I look at them it is a little overwhelming but I keep reminding myself I have a long time to do them. Then I think well, for the next 8 months I will be tired and have less energy to complete certain goals. Along with the fact that I just plain can not do certain things while I’m pregnant.

I did some modifying of my goals earlier this week though. I deleted a few that I found to be silly or useless. Like paint balling… I don’t need a goal to go paint balling. Although it might be fun it’s not something I’m dieing to do and need a goal to put pressure on me to complete it. I have not added any additional goals to get back up to 101 but I’m working on it. I think I will make a goal to clean out my closet of all clothes that do not currently fit me. Although I won’t be able to complete that until after baby because if I do that now I will have to walk around naked!

I haven’t started my wedding scrap-book yet which I was supposed to do so long ago! … It just takes so much effort to lay everything out and get the creative juices flowing. That sounds like a cop-out but it’s not! I seriously just need to devote a weekend to it.

We’re still in the process of moving rooms around at the house (preparing for baby). I know we have plenty of time to do this but I feel like we are wasting two rooms right now with a hodge podge of stuff in each. We are converting the office into a nursery and the spare bedroom into just an “extra” room. It will have a hutch or something for our office supplies and laptop. It will also have the new futon couch we bought and any extra furniture we don’t want to get rid of. I hope I can make it look like it all goes together. It may be a challenge. I think I just thought of two more goals 🙂 Create a nursery and finish back room.

Well, that’s what’s going on in my life. I am very excited for the weekend! Robert and I are going to Leavenworth on Saturday for the day. We will get to see the Christmas tree lighting which will be fun! I have never gone to see that before. Sunday we have a dessert party at Katie. Yum… I love food. Especially sweet food. lol