Not a whole lot going on…

I have not been paying too much attention to my goals recently. As you all know, I am pregnant. That consumes most of my thought process and energy! Some of my goals I can not do during the pregnancy so I will be holding off on those for a while. I am still in the process of taking my vitamins. That’s a duh at this point. I am making dinner once a week but I am not really keeping track to see if I am doing it consecutively.

I did go to another new restaurant this weekend so I will write about that. A bunch of girlfriends and I came up with this thing called Brunch Club about two years ago. Basically it is an excuse for all us girls to get together and catch up once a month. The only catch is every month someone else hosts. They pick a theme and a restaurant and we all attend wearing that months theme. This Sunday was the Village Inn Pancake house in Everett. It was basically an upper scale Denny’s. It had much better food however. Great company with all my girlfriends and I had a virgin Mimosa 🙂 Over all I would go there again for breakfast.

Robert’s best friend is giving us a brand new crib. It is white and will be perfect! I’m so excited to get a nursery set up! I think that is about it for now.


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