Shame on me!!

I did not do any updating this weekend at all. It was a very busy weekend. We had a Halloween party on Friday night that was an absolute blast. We probably had 80 people there throughout the night. At one time I counted heads and there was 65. Great fun, big mess. lol

I had Monday off which was so nice! I went to Kristin’s in the morning just to hang out and catch up. Then Katie and I went and got facials and then went to Molbak’s. I had never been. It was a fun day!

On Friday I found out I am pregnant. I have not told most people yet. I would like to see a Dr. first and make sure everything goes well before I share the news. My mom of course went and told everyone in the family. She is so excited! Friday was also our Halloween party so I told a few people that night as well. Today I go to NW Hospital to tour the child birthing center and pick a Dr. So exciting!! So, that takes care of another goal. lol


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