Recap on my Weekend

I’ll start with Friday night:

Katie, Lee, Robert and I went to a new restaurant called the Flying Pig Brewery in Everett. New restaurants are a goal on both mine and Katie’s list. So, I found this restaurant on… Turns out it is not the best resource. Flying Pig was below average in my opinion and way over priced for what we received. Our service was poor. The food was just ok. The two good things that came out of that dinner were my wine (yum) and fun times with great friends. I was planning on making it a later night by going to a new bar or something but during dinner we decided we would join Katie and Lee at the zoo the next morning. (early)

Saturday morning we were picked up by Katie and Lee at about 8:30 and we headed to another new restaurant. The volunteer cafe in a cute residential area with great vibes. I loved this place. The menu is small, the food was not great but the atmosphere was enough to make me love it. I think they count on this too. I would go back here just for a Sunday coffee with friends. I really liked it. Then we stopped by the conservatory to see some beautiful flowers!

Lees Breakfast

Lee's Breakfast

Beautiful Flower

Beautiful Flower

Off to the zoo…It has been years since I was at the zoo. I love it just as much today if not more then when I was a kid! We walked the entire zoo which I’m not sure I have done before. I saw penguins, elephants, bats, gorilla’s (my personal favorite) and so much more! It was great to walk around with my hubby and friends and just enjoy the cold fall weather and cute animals. After the zoo we went to Pike place because Lee had to have a humbow. I did not know what this was until we got there but it is like a peroshky (spelling?)… It is a big ball of dough baked with BBQ pork inside. I had a steamed humbow which was delicious and both the boys had the baked humbow. We also got dessert there. I had a “double O”… This would be a peanut butter cookie with a Reese’s pieces cup inside. Katie had this too. It was amazing! So, after a long fun day I went home and napped šŸ™‚

My animal friend

My animal friend

My animal husband :)

My animal husband šŸ™‚


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. leebuss
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 14:20:30

    The zoo was awesome! The snakes were my favorite! The king cobra was scary looking. Katie and I decided he looked really comical, kind of like Jafaar from Alladin! lol

    The snake that caught the fish was really neat too.. too bad we didn’t stick around long enough to watch him eat it!


  2. katiebuss
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 14:27:34

    Haha when we left the restaurant, I asked Lee why we were going home.. I thought we were still going out too! It’s good that we called it a night early though, it was hard enough to get up early on a Saturday for breakfast!


  3. wifemomfriendme
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 08:57:49

    And then came and saw me on Sunday and saved my sanity, can’t forget that, lol!


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