Random Thoughts

I went to the Dr. yesterday to get a multitude of things checked. I had them draw blood, and man did they take a lot! My arm hurt all night. What a wuss!! I talked to my Dr. about the things I need to do if getting pregnant is in the near future. I am not saying it is! But, the possibility is there. We also discussed my mood swings and what I can do to help them. It’s that or marriage counceling sometime down the line… I’m only kidding. I am lucky Robert deals with my major mood swings!

Volunteered at the Ronald McDonald house last night. Which I do every Thursday night. By the time next Thursday rolls around I will forget about how much it impacts me. I had forgotten by yesterday. When I go there I am reminded of just how lucky I am and how good I have. I find myself thinking this isn’t fair, these poor children. I am not even the parent of these kids who are on the verge of death unless they make a big break-thru. I can’t imagine what these parents feel on a daily basis. I am surprised I make it through my evenings there. Sometimes I am very close to tears and sometimes I do not allow myself to get to know these people. Last night was not one of those nights. I chatted with every family that came to my volunteer station. I asked them about there days and talked to them about there progress… That is much harder then just sitting back there and doing my minimal duties. It is hard to get to know these people that I know may not be there next week when I show up for my one, three hour shift a week.


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