The weekend got me!

I did not blog or stick to my journaling over the weekend šŸ˜¦ I did however continue to take my vitamin every day. That’s a start I suppose. I had a great weekend though and plenty of positive thoughts I could have written down. lol

I also washed our bedding this weekend which is the start of my goal to wash it every two weeks. I might bump that up to every week. It’s easy to get done over the weekend.

I also went running with Katie on Friday. That was not much of a success on my part. I am so out of shape! We ran from her house to Central Market (about one mile) and back (another mile). I had to stop and walk about half way there. Same on the way back… I’m pathetic but it’s a start! I’m hoping I will be running more in the future.

Better luck with this week and my continuous goals.


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